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    The Caraway Pan Set — AKA The Best Cookware Ever — Is On Sale Right Now

    I have the proof that this is best cookware on the planet — and right now you can save on it.

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    *Bangs cymbals, rings bells, screams with joy*: Out of the bajillion sales out there right now, I need you to listen to this one, people! Caraway, the creators of literally the best cookware out there, is having their biggest sale ever RIGHT NOW!


    *Takes a deep breath.*

    Here's a breakdown of their deals: Save 10% on orders $95+, 15% on $395+, and 20% on $525+. And now I shall go into great detail about why these pans are 100% worth every single penny.

    pots, pans, and baking pans all styled and organized in a cabinet

    Really! I tell everyone who basically walks past my existence that they need to look this brand up. I've even showed people videos of food sliding off my pan...

    First and foremost, their pans and bakeware come in SEVEN gorgeous colors (red is their newest holiday edition and it's GORGEOUS!) and if I had enough space in my house, I'd literally buy each set. I have the gray, but jeez, I need that reddish "Perracotta" color...


    You can bundle and save with sets, or you can purchase the items individually.

    They offer a cookware set and a newly launched baking set that now I need immediately.

    Ok, now let's get to some of the best parts: These nonstick pans are unlike any cookware out there. Yeah yeah, I know, I am sure you've read something similar about some other pot — but when I say I think there was sorcery involved in creating these, I mean it! For starters, how dare they create a system with storage needs! in! mind!

    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

    It's insulting to my other pots and pans that are tragically stacked on top of one another, just scratching one another up.

    But on a serious note, the organizational design of this set is genius. The set comes with a strong-as-heck lid organizer that sticks to the cabinet. There are three pockets for the accompanying lids that conveniently slide right in. Like, who knows what to do with lids?! They take up so much unnecessary space, but with the Caraway set, they can just hang out on the cabinet door.

    The set also includes four MAGNETIC pan racks that stick together and hold each pan up, keeping them safe from scratches. Amazing. These are the things that get my adult blood flowing.

    Moving onto my favorite feature of these bad boys. The ceramic coating is made with a nontoxic, mineral-based coating so your food doesn't soak up any toxins during cooking. Although, I am pretty sure it's actually made with magic, because literally nothing sticks to these pans:

    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

    It passes the EGG TEST!!! 

    I can't describe the science behind it, but it's not like any other nonstick pan I've cooked with before. Have you ever had food burn to a pan, get stuck, and found yourself ordering takeout because dinner is ruined? Not with these pans, my friends. Even when I've left food on too long (OK, and kinda ruined it), the burnt bits still slide off — no mess, no scrubbing. It's pure magic. 

    As for the nontoxic part, according to their site, the pans' coating is made without "PFOA [industrial surfactant], PTFE (such as Teflon), other PFAs [toxic chemicals found in everyday products], lead, cadmium, or toxic metals." 

    Really — I've cooked in these countless times, making a variety of different dishes, and no food has ever gotten stuck or burnt on. HELLO!

    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

    Not only do eggs slip and slide around and sticky foods glide off with ease like you just saw, but I've flipped pancakes, cooked pasta, sautéed every veggie under the sun, and simmered other saucy dishes and *nothing* gets left behind or burnt to the pan. 

    You can literally glide your spatula on the pan and all the food will part like the freakin' Red Sea. 

    And yes, it passes the cleaning test with flying colors!!!

    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

    My boyfriend can't even pull the "it needs to soak" card anymore, because all you need is a little bit of water, soap, and a sponge to get even the caked-on messes off. 

    This gif above is literally just a paper towel with a bit of water, so once you add that sponge in there, everything else wipes off with total ease. I've cooked with these pans religiously, and have *never* had to let these pans soak to remove food (sorry, boyfriend). 

    And given that I've cooked with them every day (really, I WFH so it's cooking every day in my household), they've held up well so far. The coating is still perfect and they look like I just took them out of the box. Granted, I do *not* put these in the dishwasher, and always hand-wash them to extend their quality. 

    I could go on and on about the wonders of this beautiful pan set, but I will just leave you with this: If you're in the market for a new set, consider Caraway. While it is on the pricier side, their high-quality, nontoxic pans and storage system make it worth every. single. penny.

    pan set in the cream color styled on a table

    It's also beloved by SO many other people besides myself (literally over 18,000 people have left reviews on these sets). Just take a look at some of these glowing reviews:

    "Very stylish and aesthetically pleasing to not only cook in but store in my kitchen. Each pan is spacious and super easy to clean. It’s honestly elevated my cooking experience entirely. Hands down one of my best investments, by far!" —Tyler M

    "These pans are great! Wash easily, super-easy cleaning, and nothing sticks to them!!! I couldn't be more pleased with them and they are so worth the investment. I wish I had bought them years ago. They are also so stylish looking. You realize you really don't need seven pots and pans. These four pots/pan/lids combo set is all you really need. :) Would highly recommend them!" —Trish R

    Both of the cookware and bakeware sets are $395, but right now you can save an additional 15%!!!! Or you can shop products individually and *still* save if you spend $95 or more.

    Here's a breakdown of their sale one more time:

    —10% off orders $95+

    —15% off orders $395+

    —20% off orders $525+

    Me after trading in my mismatched college set for the Caraway nonstick pans:


    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.