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    Psst, BuzzFeed Pets Does Livestreams Each Week And You'll Learn So Much

    Discover the best products on Amazon, meet cutie pets, and get tons of pet tips and tricks.

    *taps mic* Ahem! We need to talk! Did you know that BuzzFeed Pets exists? Well it does, and it's perhaps the happiest place on the internet.

    The BuzzFeed Pets Insta is filled with adorable pets like the one above (!!!) and tons of great product recommendations:

    Plus straight-up important pug content (among other very important pet stuff):

    And! The goodness doesn't stop there, because they also partner with Amazon to host two livestreams each week with pet owners, influencers, and pet experts.

    Don't miss a beat! Here's what livestream is coming up:

    BuzzFeed / Via

    Don't forget about your fur babies this paw-liday season! 🐾🎁

    Watch it live here Thursday 12/3 at 3:30pm (ET)!

    Make sure you follow BuzzFeed Pets to keep up with each livestream β€” and all of the fluffy wonders that come with it, of course!

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