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    All The Best Presidents’ Day Beauty Deals

    Deals at Fenty Beauty, Clinique, e.l.f., and more stellar beauty spots.

    1. Up to 50% off sale items at Fenty Beauty.

    2. 25% off select items at Too Faced.

    the natural eyes eyeshadow palette

    3. 50% off beautyblender's Bounce liquid foundation at Sephora.

    model before/after showing full coverage after applying foundation

    4. 51% off the "Bright Beginnings set" at Biossance.

    a vitamin c rose oil, a dark spot serum, and rose vegan lip balm

    5. 20% off sitewide at Beauty By Earth.

    A model using a pink eye roller and holding an eye cream

    6. 25% off site-wide at Skyn Iceland.

    7. Up tp 75% off Saks Off 5th, including a range of beauty products.

    bottle of Balenciaga Avenue George V perfume

    8. Up to 50% off select items at Sephora.

    the palette open styled on table

    9. 50% off select palettes at BH Cosmetics.

    10. Save up to $53 on Burst Oral Care sets.

    the set in rose gold

    11. 20% off bath and body products at The Body Shop.

    model applying wild argan oil body butter

    12. Up to 70% off sale items at ColourPop.

    Five lip glosses in different shades in a box

    13. 30% off orders $30+ at Makeup Scientist.

    14. 34% off the T3 folding compact hair dryer at Nordstrom.

    T3 hair dryer

    15. $20 off orders of $55+ at Juvia's Place.

    16. 20% off any order at Clinique.

    17. 30% off select beauty products at e.l.f. Cosmetics.

    18. 20% off site-wide at Origins.

    the Ginzing collection

    19. Buy one get one 50% off at Dr. Gio Cosmetics.

    before/after of model wearing foundation with after showing smoother skin

    20. 20% off skin and body care products when you spend $40+ at Blume.

    skincare duo with cleanser and jade roller

    21. 25% off site-wide at Pipette.

    different Pipette baby products

    22. 20% off all sets at Fluide.

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