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    26 Gifts For People Who Just Really, Really Love Whiskey

    All of these gifts are ~neat~. (You knew that one was coming.)

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Stormtrooper glass because if they're going to be sipping any whiskey, it should be done out of something as ~out of this world~ as these glasses.


    Get it from Firebox $15.99.

    2. A skull ice mold for the friend who is as equally cool as they are dead on the inside.


    Ohhh, so many puns to make, so little time.

    Promising review: "This is AWSOME! Who doesn't want skull cubes when you show up to a party? I keep my freezer stocked with these little beauties now! I use it for Jello shots and flavored cubes to put in vodka. I like to add a little red food coloring so they stand out in a glass. Couldn't be happier with this flexible mold." —Wally

    Get it from Amazon for $11.95 (available in four shapes).

    3. Speaking of coffee, a set of whiskey- and rum-aged coffee beans because booze and brew go together like PB&J.

    Amazon, Landy Maupin /

    Promising review: "If you know anyone who likes alcohol and loves coffee this is a perfect gift set for them! I bought this last year for my boyfriend for Christmas, and he loved it! He was using it sparingly because he wanted to save it. The beans are very fresh and smell a lot like the barrels/casks they came from. They grind beautifully and he uses them in his French Press. Very impressed with the beans and the customer service from this company! He loves his new box (different flavors!) that he just got for his birthday a few days ago. Looking forward to buying again." —Quincy

    Get a set of three bags from Amazon for $34.95 (available in whole bean and ground).

    4. A funny enamel mug for anyone who likes a "splash" of whiskey in their morning coffee.


    Promising review: "Huge fan of this mug — it's turned into my every day coffee (and whiskey, let's be honest) vessel of choice. It has some good heft so it's very durable (already survived a solid drop), but it also has that smooth, sleek enamel feel to it. I didn't think I'd ever have a preference when it came to mugs, but this one really exceeded my expectations. Definitely keeping this in mind for Christmas gifts." —Jack

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    5. Monogrammed whiskey stones to make 'em feel fancy as all get out — oh, and to keep their drink perfectly chilled, of course.

    MW Gift Shop / Etsy

    Get a set of three from MW Gift Shop on Etsy for $18+ (available in two set sizes and eight design options), or something similar (but not customized) from Amazon for $10.99.

    6. A whiskey definition shirt that just says it like it is. Yes, your whiskey-drinkin' friend is fun and interesting — you know it, they know it, the world knows it!

    Design Eclipse / Etsy

    Get it from Design Eclipse on Etsy for $16.99+ (available in multiple men, women, and unisex styles in sizes XS-4XL, and eight colors).

    7. A diagram poster showcasing the different whiskey families and their major brands. Oh, what a lovely addition this will be in their bar area!,

    Get it from Amazon for $25, or from Pop Chart Lab on Etsy for $29+ (with the option to have a frame added).

    8. Funky glasses because someone who ~rocks~ as much as they do deserves a pair of luxe drinking vessels.


    Promising review: "What do you get for the boss that has everything? Rocks glasses and then have them custom etched locally. Amazing weight to these glasses and they hold a hefty pour. Asymmetrical shape so they’re kinda cool. Not boring and traditional like a lot of the other ones I’ve looked at. Nice packaging made gift giving easy. They etched beautifully and they're made very well." —harrump

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $29.49.

    9. Maple syrup matured in bourbon barrels. That's it. That's the product. There's not much else to say, they gotta get this on their waffles stat!


    Get it from Food52 for $29.

    10. A custom whiskey decanter with their name and a personal message from you. This is about to be the best thing on their bar cart, 100%.

    Swanky Badger / Etsy

    Get it from Swanky Badger on Etsy for $57.98+ (also available in a gift set with matching engraved glasses).

    11. A scratch-off poster with 100 different whiskeys so they can sip, sip, sip their way through tons of amazing new spirits.


    Get it from Firebox for $16.99.

    12. A block of Beehive cheese infused with Basil Hayden's bourbon for a sweet and spicy treat. I recommend gifting this while you're around so you can reap the benefits, *nudge nudge.*

    Beehive Cheese

    Get it from Beehive Cheese for $5.49+ (available in two sizes).

    13. A pair of *dedicated* hot toddy glasses so they can see that gorgeous amber hue as they sip on this soothing drink.

    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "Super cute design and the perfect gift set for my newly wed best friend for their first Christmas! As religious hot toddy drinkers, they now have designated matching mugs to cozy up with." —Mimi

    Get a set of two from Uncommon Goods for $30.

    14. A set of Woodford Reserve bitters in variety of enticing flavors. Happy hour is at their place!


    Comes with aromatic, orange, spiced cherry, and chocolate bitters.

    Promising review: "Bitters are a critical addition to any bar. They are not inexpensive, but a critical to making a proper drink. These Woodford Reserve bitters are actually good value for money since they are 2-ounce bottles. They are barrel aged and very smooth, and add great and unique flavor to drinks. The chocolate bitter is great." —Kent Bond

    Get it from Amazon for $37.99.

    15. Bourbon marshmallows they can rest easy knowing that they're made with Makers Mark Bourbon but *without* corn syrup.

    Get it from Mouth for $10.50.

    16. A simple cube ice mold because a whiskey fanatic can never have *too* many of these in the freezer.


    Hint hint: This makes for a great stocking stuffer!

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $11.99.

    17. A pair of drink studs for when they wanna double lobe it.

    Obsessories LA / Etsy

    Get them from Obsessories LA on Etsy for $10.95.

    18. An ice wedge glass to keep their drink perfectly chilled while they slowly sip and take in all of the wonderful aromatics. No watered down whiskey, here.


    It comes with the glass and the top mold for making the ice wedge.

    Promising review: "Purchased this as a gift and it was a huge hit. The packaging was really well designed and looked awesome. The product actually works too! It kept my whiskey drinks cold for the whole night without swapping out the cube. Surprisingly, the glass was actually really nice quality as well. Tip: Plan ahead of a party by freezing multiples! Freeze your ice and then pop it out, bag it, throw it in the freezer, and then freeze another! Works great for keeping your drinks cold for as long as the party lasts." —Loladex

    Get it from Amazon for $17.95.

    19. A cocktail recipe book with over 1,000 recipes so they can master their (and your) favorite cocktails.

    Life Happens /

    Promising review: "This is a great book which is the perfect compliment for your home bar. To start with, the book is a great size to keep tucked out of the way but substantial enough that it will last a long time; plus its hard cover looks good. There are so many cocktail recipes in here that you won't run out. Add to that there's a ton of information about the basic tools and drinks/mixers as well as what you may want for a pretty substantial home wet bar. The book also provides information about the history of the cocktails and the various types of alcohol." —Stevil310

    Get it from Amazon for $14.13.

    20. And! A field guide to whiskey to teach 'em a few more things while completing their bar cart. Just peep that gorgeous cover:


    Promising review: "Very useful guide for whiskey enthusiasts, and for novice and experts too. I can't think of anything else about whiskey that you will not find in this book. Is also a nice looking book to have around your bar." —Andres Garcia

    Get it from Amazon for $11.13.

    21. A spiced old fashioned kit that comes with all the essentials for making this delicious artisanal cocktail — and who doesn't love a good kit?!

    Uncommon Goods

    The kit comes with an easy-to-follow recipe card.

    Promising review: "My husband rarely has an old fashioned he loves, but this did the trick! We did add a bourbon cherry and some simple syrup to sweeten it a bit but they are delicious! I plan to order some for friends birthdays!!" —Mer the Professor

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $30.

    22. A personalized leather flask for takin' their best bourbons and ryes on their next adventure.

    So Good So Wood / Etsy

    Get it from So Good So Wood on Etsy for $21.20 (available in 10 colors), or something similar (but no personalized) from Amazon for $9.99+.

    23. A whiskey math poster that'll be a great cheat sheet when they're whipping up one of these classic cocktails...for you, obviously.

    Everlong Print Co. / Etsy

    Get it from on Everlong Print Co. on Etsy for $24.26+ (available in seven sizes and mL or fluid ounce measurements).

    24. A crate filled with whiskey goodies *AND* snacks so they have everything they need for an ultimate day of tasting at home. Who just won best gift giver? YOU.

    Man Crates

    The crate comes with two Glencairn glasses, a decanter (personalization optional), six soapstones, a tasting guide notebook, coasters, and three packs of snacks.

    Get it from Man Crates for $129.99.

    25. A matching globe decanter and glass set to properly honor the greatest whiskeys of the world.


    The decanter can hold up to 850 mL of whiskey, and the set comes with two matching glasses.

    Promising review: "This turned out way better than I thought it would! I purchased this and a set of whiskey rocks in a decorative box as a housewarming gift for my boyfriend. He absolutely loved it and everyone who enters the home and sees it also pays it a compliment and asks where they can find one for themselves. All the pieces were very secure in the box and protected by a few inches of styrofoam so shipping encountered no issues, which was my main worry when ordering this. Overall, great item — especially for the price." —B. Gibbs

    Get it from Amazon for $49.97.

    26. And finally, a whiskey bible written by a mega famous whiskey critic that lists his picks of the best bottles for the upcoming year.


    Each year since 2003, Jim Murray releases his list of favorite whiskeys. This year's edition has over 1,000 new entries added, plus tasting notes on 4,500+ lesser known whiskeys. Think of it as a huge guide to some of the best bottles out there! I've gifted the 2018 version to my boyfriend a couple years ago for Christmas, and he loves working through it and trying out Murray's top picks. I plan on ordering this one for him for the upcoming year to keep with tradition!

    Get it from Amazon for $17.75, and see previous editions of the Whisky Bible here.


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