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    26 Gifts For People Who Just Really, Really Love Whiskey

    All of these gifts are ~neat~. (You knew that one was coming.)

    1. A Stormtrooper glass because if they're going to be sipping any whiskey, it should be done out of something as ~out of this world~ as these glasses.

    2. A skull ice mold for the friend who is as equally cool as they are dead on the inside.

    3. Speaking of coffee, a set of whiskey- and rum-aged coffee beans because booze and brew go together like PB&J.

    4. A funny enamel mug for anyone who likes a "splash" of whiskey in their morning coffee.

    5. Monogrammed whiskey stones to make 'em feel fancy as all get out — oh, and to keep their drink perfectly chilled, of course.

    6. A whiskey definition shirt that just says it like it is. Yes, your whiskey-drinkin' friend is fun and interesting — you know it, they know it, the world knows it!

    7. A diagram poster showcasing the different whiskey families and their major brands. Oh, what a lovely addition this will be in their bar area!

    8. Funky glasses because someone who ~rocks~ as much as they do deserves a pair of luxe drinking vessels.

    9. Maple syrup matured in bourbon barrels. That's it. That's the product. There's not much else to say, they gotta get this on their waffles stat!

    10. A custom whiskey decanter with their name and a personal message from you. This is about to be the best thing on their bar cart, 100%.

    11. A scratch-off poster with 100 different whiskeys so they can sip, sip, sip their way through tons of amazing new spirits.

    12. A block of Beehive cheese infused with Basil Hayden's bourbon for a sweet and spicy treat. I recommend gifting this while you're around so you can reap the benefits, *nudge nudge.*

    13. A pair of *dedicated* hot toddy glasses so they can see that gorgeous amber hue as they sip on this soothing drink.

    14. A set of Woodford Reserve bitters in variety of enticing flavors. Happy hour is at their place!

    15. Bourbon marshmallows they can rest easy knowing that they're made with Makers Mark Bourbon but *without* corn syrup.

    16. A simple cube ice mold because a whiskey fanatic can never have *too* many of these in the freezer.

    17. A pair of drink studs for when they wanna double lobe it.

    18. An ice wedge glass to keep their drink perfectly chilled while they slowly sip and take in all of the wonderful aromatics. No watered down whiskey, here.

    19. A cocktail recipe book with over 1,000 recipes so they can master their (and your) favorite cocktails.

    20. And! A field guide to whiskey to teach 'em a few more things while completing their bar cart. Just peep that gorgeous cover:

    21. A spiced old fashioned kit that comes with all the essentials for making this delicious artisanal cocktail — and who doesn't love a good kit?!

    22. A personalized leather flask for takin' their best bourbons and ryes on their next adventure.

    23. A whiskey math poster that'll be a great cheat sheet when they're whipping up one of these classic cocktails...for you, obviously.

    24. A crate filled with whiskey goodies *AND* snacks so they have everything they need for an ultimate day of tasting at home. Who just won best gift giver? YOU.

    25. A matching globe decanter and glass set to properly honor the greatest whiskeys of the world.

    26. And finally, a whiskey bible written by a mega famous whiskey critic that lists his picks of the best bottles for the upcoming year.


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