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    33 Awesome, Under-$20 Things Your Life May Be Missing Out On

    Products ranging from problem-solving to functional to just cool for no reason — and yes, you need them all.

    1. Rainbow stainless steel straws — they're not only environmentally-friendly, but simply darling. What more could you want in a product?!?

    2. A pastel bento box that screams, "sophisticated, but on a budget." This'll make bringing leftover to work feel some level of fancy — a thing I didn't know existed.

    3. Acrylic resin earrings in funky shape everyone will assume you got from a high-end boutique. You didn't, but they don't have to know that!

    4. A Glossier Brow Flick pen — aka your new favorite way to fill in your brows with total ease. Just flick, flick, flick and your feathery, natural look is D-O-N-E.

    5. A skull ice mold, because why (WHY!!!) use boring ice cubes to chill your cocktail when you could be using THIS? Fancy, but make it dead.

    6. A box of vintage postcards so you always have a fall back when you forget a birthday. OR! You keep them all to yourself, either or.

    7. Indoor fleece slippers that'll envelope your feet in warmth and cuteness and love — which, ya know, are the three pillars of fall.

    8. A seagrass basket in a fun geometric pattern that's a much chicer home for your plant than a boring ol' pot. Yes, your plants are just as fancy as you.

    9. A seasonal mug to get, like, NOW because Hallmark released their 2019 holiday movie preview and you need to be prepared for all the cheesy wonders ahead!

    10. A pretty in pink eye shadow palette comparable to Huda Beauty's Rose Gold palette. It has 18 buttery shades, great staying power, and I can keep going on about how stunning this thing is!

    11. Pumpkin pie sauce (UMM, yes please?!) so you can save some $$$ and make your own PSL in the comfort of your own home.

    12. Aaaand! A battery-operated handheld mixer for whipping up a heavenly frothy milk concoction right at home. Skip the trips to that overpriced coffee shop, and save 👏 some 👏 dang 👏 money 👏.

    13. Crew-style knit socks that'll make you want to IMMEDIATELY curl up with a cup of cocoa and a good book. Say goodbye to your other socks, this is the only pair you'll need during chilly season.

    14. A faux-sheepskin throw for transforming dull, uncomfortable seating (or, hello, a coffee table!!!) into a glam retreat you'll never want to leave. Oh, just think all the books waiting to be read atop this fluffy thing.

    15. Wine glasses with a clever straw and might I say cute little legs for an adult sippy cup you obviously need in your life.

    16. A cute little cauldron soup mug and spoon, because A) it's spoopy season and B) potions class doesn't stop just for dinner.

    17. A tarot card set for beginners to give you a fun new hobby to pour your attention into. More hobbies in 2020!!!

    18. A jewelry cleaning pen — aka the ~Dazzle Stick~ — that'll do just that: Make all your favorite pieces dazzle again and rid them from any cloudiness in a matter of minutes.

    19. A 1-liter beer boot, because what could make ya ~hoppier~ than a giant vessel to drink more beer out of? I don't think there's much.

    20. A double-wall thermal water bottle guaranteed to become your new best friend. Seriously, you'll end up taking this thing to work, the gym, home — repeat.

    21. And! Fizzy tablets for saving your bottles from stained-on grime and nasty odors. If you thought your bottle was a goner, think again!

    22. A white and gold makeup brush set I don't think your vanity is ready for. And your other makeup brushes? They don't stand a chance with these stunners around. Just peep that fluffiness!

    23. A hand lettering beginner book so you can pick up a fun new hobby and pretend that the world isn't, you know, on fire and such. This guide includes detailed instructions for nine lettering styles and will teach you all the basics you need for some flawless penmanship.

    24. A set of silky-soft satin pillowcases designed to help keep your hair from frizzing, your skin from breaking out, and your dreams sweet.

    25. A green-tea setting spray that'll lock in your makeup *AND* leave your skin looking extra radiant and shine-free. Fading and constant touchups, who???

    26. A neon rainbow light that'll brighten up any rainy day — ok, at least inside the house.

    27. A pair of versatile go-to leggings you can rock with your favorite fall accessories, around town running errands, or on the couch. What I am trying to say here is, why wear jeans ever again?

    28. A Disney and Thomas Kinkade adult coloring book with a colored-in version so you have some ~inspiration~ while your coloring away. Ahh, coloring can be so therapeutic.

    29. A flippin' adorable Apple Watch stand in a ~vintage~ computer design to easily charge up your device and look incredibly cool while doing so.

    30. A pretty jade roller, because you shouldn't have to hit up an expensive spa to pamper yourself. That's just a fact.

    31. A nail strengthening cream that'll condition nails and cuticles with its calcium- and vitamin rich-formula to prevent splits, cracks, and breakage. Go ahead, grow out your nails, and trick everyone into thinking you're a nail salon regular.

    32. A Prison Mike car air freshener so bad smells stay far, far away from your BFF's ride...as well as the dementors. Yo, that really is the shizzle.

    33. And a large sideways initial necklace you can pair with literally any outfit for a dainty but statement-making accent. I don't know how those two things go so well together, but they do.

    Me trying to convince my wallet to buy all of these things:

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