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    50,000+ People Swear By These $9 Headphones

    Affordable headphones? I'll jam to that.

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    Headphones! We love them! But they're also pesky little devils that are constantly going missing — or, as I always assume, being stolen by a roomie/sibling/significant other.


    Every time I upgrade my iPhone and get a new pair of those white headphones (well, not anymore; RIP normal headphones), I hold onto them for dear life. But the world is a tough place, and it's never long before I misplace them and am in need of a new pair to get me by — and fast.

    Well, these earbud headphones are around $9 (depending on the color and style) and Prime-eligible!

    So they're basically the perfect solution for when you can't seem to find your headphones. They're only 9 buckaroos and can get to you in two days if you have Amazon Prime!

    They're available in nine different colors (silver not pictured), so you can pick one that best matches your ~aesthetic~.

    Note: Prices vary by a couple dollars depending on the color, but they start at $8.26 for the red pair.

    You can also purchase the mic version starting at $11.80. Just make sure you select the "with mic" option.

    The mic is smartphone-compatible and allows you to control your music with that handy lil' remote.

    These bad boys also have over 50,000 REVIEWS, and 67% of 'em are five-star ratings! Wowie. /

    They also got an A rating on Fakespot, a site that checks Amazon reviews to make sure they're legit.

    (You can read all of the reviews here.)

    So what makes these headphones so ~special~, you ask? Let's see what some of their 50K+ reviewers had to say:

    Promising review: "If you're looking for a testament on durability, reliability, and fit, here's my experience with these earphones. Durability and reliability test: Passed. (Four years of daily use and still functioning.) Comfort test: Passed. Verdict: WORTH! Four years on a product that works on a daily and fits great for price of $6-$10? No-brainer. Incredibly reliable and good quality." —Lady S.

    Promising review: "Compared to MANY other earbuds that I've had that cost $75, $100, $150... These sound as good as any of them. I'm astounded! I figured for $8, I could afford to sweat up a few of these and replace them whenever I needed to. I'VE RUN 1,500 MILES WITH THESE in the last year and a half!! I've gone through four pairs of New Balance shoes, two iPod Shuffles, three pairs of sunglasses, and am on the SAME set of earbuds!!" —Gene Goodell

    Promising review: "I buy these all the time because I consistently lose them. The sound quality is great, they drown out a great deal of the noise around me, and the color options are pretty sweet. Despite being inexpensive and having great audio, these tend to be overlooked for more expensive brands that cannot even compare in quality. They are so great, I dread the moments when I am without them so I keep a pair at home, in my work bag, and usually in my back pocket at all times. I have also found these to be extremely durable. Take my word on it, they are worth the buy." —Ryan Smith

    I'm honestly impressed that Lady S. has had these for four years! If that's not an indication that these are the rock star of headphones, I don't know what it is.

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    Get them from Amazon for $8.26+.

    Reviews in this post have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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