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    Posted on Dec 15, 2017

    39 Things That Will Make Anyone Who Is Home For Winter Break Say, "Damn, That's So True"

    Send to your parents for a heads up.


    1. Check the fridge the second you get home.

    2. Freak out because your mom stocked it up with the best brand-name foods. I'm talkin' Lunchables, Arizona green tea, and the good cheese.

    3. Drop off all your dirty clothes in the laundry room. Lord knows you're exhausted from school and can’t do it!

    4. Casually drop hints about how your only winter jacket is falling apart, your shoes have holes in them, and you're on your last pair of socks...(*hint, hint*.)

    5. Pour yourself a bowl of cereal.

    6. Order a $4.99 movie on demand because it’s not on your bill. You’re royalty again!!!

    7. Leave your cereal bowl in the living room — not in the sink.


    8. Go to your room and weirdly reminisce on how much you miss living there.

    9. Then realize that it literally looks nothing like your old room because your parents turned it into the “guest room.”

    10. And then realize you love your current life and could never imagine living there again. LOL.

    11. Look through the stash of personal belongings you left behind that your mom put in a sad box in the attic.

    12. Feel nostalgic again.

    13. Get on Tinder to find half of your old classmates.

    14. Try to connect to the shitty WiFi, but fail again and again because you keep incorrectly entering the 25-digit password your mom never changed.


    15. Force your pet to take a nap with you.

    16. Wake up and go to your best friend’s house because that's one of the three things you can do when you're back home.

    17. Raid their parents' fridge.

    18. Order a different $4.99 movie on their parents’ account.

    19. Go to your local Starbucks/Sonic with your besties and run into 3,456,456 old classmates you definitely didn’t want to see.

    20. See an old teacher and pretend to be excited.

    21. Explain to them that you have yet to decide what you want to do with your life.

    22. Then have to repeat yourself when you go to your dentist appointment and they ask what you’ve been up to.


    23. Reluctantly go to a friend’s house party on a Friday night.

    24. Constantly check in with your parents and fake-agree to their curfew. Curfew?!?! I haven’t heard that name in years.

    25. End up in a gross basement playing beer pong, getting drunk with all of the classmates you’ve been avoiding all break.

    26. End up screaming to them, “Why don’t we hang out all the time?!?!”

    27. Wake up the next day and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you will in fact never hang out with those people — until the next awkward party, of course.

    28. Go out for a family dinner.

    29. Order everything off the Chili’s menu.

    30. Ignore your parents' passive aggressive comments about how they never see you when you're home for break.

    31. Go home and settle in for a family game night.

    32. Enter into a screaming match with every family member because, let's face it, you're a sore loser.


    33. Mentally prepare yourself for the holidays and having to see weird extended family members.

    34. Ensure your grandmother you’re eating enough and your health is fine.

    35. Then lie to her about the boozy-ass drink in your hand and tell her it’s just lemonade.

    36. Hide in the corner so nobody asks you what you already had to explain to your teacher, dentist, and best friend’s mom.

    37. ‘Gram the feast your family prepared just for you, I mean, for the holidays.

    38. Have your mom bring you after-dinner leftovers while you lay on the couch.

    39. And basically completely forget how to be a functioning adult because the parents will take care of it all!!!!


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