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18 Times The World Really Didn't Deserve Grandparents

I bet you can't make it through this post without smiling/possibly crying.

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1. This precious couple who will destroy your heart and then piece it back together with their endearing love:

2. This sweet couple who waves to their granddaughter every morning:

Every morning my Gran or Grandad stand outside and wave to me when am on the bus to work😭💔

3. This flower-pickin' sweetheart:

4. This proud gramps and his orange tree:

5. This grammy's impeccable selfie abilities:

6. This grandad who dedicates his time to holding newborns in the ICU:

7. This real-life Olenna Tyrell:

8. This grandma and her new pal:

my grandma fed a duck once & now he comes over for lunch every single day

9. This sweet and innocent granny:

10. And this one:

11. This super proud grandpappy:

12. This adorable grandfather who gave the world's most thoughtful present:

Ren Blank / Via

13. And this one:

14. This amazing gram who clearly doesn't pick favorites:

15. This award-winning-zucchini–growing grandpa who used one of his own zucchinis as part of his Halloween costume:

April Lehman / Via

16. This grandma who just might come for your man:

17. This wonderful couple that is truly #goals:

18. And, finally, this stunning grandma(!!!!!!):

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