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    13,000 People Love This Portable Phone Charger

    Long live your phone's battery.

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    If you've ever had your phone die while you're video chatting your long-distance doggo, you know why it's important to have a good portable charger.


    Think of all the pupper videos that have been rudely interrupted by your phone battery's untimely demise!

    But really, how many situations have you been in where you really need to use your phone but it's low on battery, or entirely dead? Think: Ubers, linking up with people, letting your parents know you made it safely somewhere, etc. Dead phones always strike at the most inconvenient times!

    Well, not anymore!!! This $30 portable charger can charge a fully drained iPhone battery 5.5 times before it needs to be re-charged (and 3.5 times for a Samsung Galaxy). Where has this been all my life?!

    (FYI, the device itself takes up to 10 hours to charge.)

    It's about the size of an iPhone, and can actually charge multiple devices at once thanks to its TWO USB ports.

    The charger is also wildly popular on Amazon. It has more than 13,000 reviews and 81 percent of them are FIVE-STAR RATINGS. /

    Here's what some of those reviewers had to say:

    "I read a lot of reviews saying they could charge their phone up to 5 times on this before they had to charge the actual battery. Tested, true. I have an iPhone 5s but I have also tested it on my mom's iPhone 6 plus. No issues whatsoever. I also read that this guy takes FOREVER to charge up, also true. Don't plug this in totally dead and unplug it an hour later expecting it to function as if it were fully charged, it won't. Imagine that the battery is like a human; a one hour power nap is not enough to face a full day with...A night's worth of sleep should pretty much do it though." —Chelle

    "I have backpacked within trails in the Catskill mountains and northern Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. It has charged everything from my iPhone 6 to iPad air to countless go pro cameras as well as flashlights and still continues to go strong. My iPad Air will recharge one and a half times and iPhone 6 will roughly recharge 5 times. In addition there is a flashlight located on the front which is very convenient and two usb output ports one has a 2.4 amp output and the other has a 2.1 output and both feature the smart charging capability, which identifies the device and charges it more efficiently." —Mark Kalwa

    "I've had this power bank for about a month now and I love it. I was surprised at how nice the fit and finish is, it's a very attractive unit. The light bar in front that shows remaining power is great, and the button is recessed nicely to prevent accidentally turning on the flashlight. The light bar pulses to show you it's charging. The built in light is good for unlocking doors and walking up steps in the dark. All the technical info is printed on the back including input and output, model number and capacity. I used it to recharge my smart phone using the 30% to 85% system for 8 days and it still had power left." —oldgeezer58

    Get one from Amazon in black or white for $29.99 or $32.99.

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