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    The Ex Collection: A Pop-Up

    A pop-up shop and show to benefit Planned Parenthood. Turn heartache in to an awesome new outfit!

    What's Goin' On?

    Around this time of year, everyone I know does some form of spring cleaning. Whether it's dusting, decluttering, or shedding your current partner, everyone is doing some form of cleaning house. And we'll take it all!

    I was doing the same kind of sifting and found myself asking, "why do I still have this stupid shirt? I know I like to sleep in it because it's giant and comfy, but it belongs to that friggin' jerkface! WHAT AM I DOING WITH THIS CRAP?"

    I realized how much of my wardrobe was made up of items from these past relationships. "But not anymore!" she yelled defiantly in to the horizon!

    The Ex Collection

    What we selling? That's up to you!

    Donate your items and we will price and sell them!

    1. How It Works!

    You have items from your ex partner (probably) and you want to get rid of them (probably)!

    It's time to turn heartache in to an awesome new outfit!

    2. Email The Ex Collection

    To schedule a Pick Up of your items, email The Ex Collection:

    Or Drop Off to Junior High Gallery

    5656 Hollywood Blvd

    Los Angeles, CA


    All Proceeds to Planned Parenthood

    Everything we sell, including ticket sales, drink donations, and shop sales all go to Planned Parenthood.

    They really need us right now.

    3. Get your Ticket!

    Want to come to the Shop and Show? Grab a Ticket before April 13!

    4. Hit that Shop and Show!

    Dang. You did good. You've done all this cathartic work and it's time to actually enjoy The Ex Collection!

    Drinks by Donation all night!

    5. Check out the Comics!

    Shop Doors Open: 7PM

    Show Starts: 8PM

    Shop Doors Close: 10PM

    Laurie Kilmartin

    View this video on YouTube

    Laurie Kilmartin is an Emmy Nominated writer for Conan and her book Shitty Mom was a New York Times best seller. Her 2016 comedy special, 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad is currently streaming on Seeso.

    Nicole Byer

    View this video on YouTube

    Nicole Byer is a comedian and actress known for her MTV show, Loosely Exactly Nicole and her webseries with Sasheer Zamata, Pursuit of Sexiness. She has also appeared on Ladylike (MTV), Party Over Here (FOX), Girl Code (MTV),

    Jamie Lee

    View this video on YouTube

    Jamie Lee is a stand up comedian, writer, and actress as a staple cast member in Girl Code (MTV) and a writer on the new Judd Apatow show, Crashing. She's also appeared on Conan, @Midnight, and was a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing.

    You can check out her book, Weddiculous, available in stores and on Amazon.

    Riley Silverman

    View this video on YouTube

    Riley Silverman is a stand up comedian whose debut comedy album, Intimate Apparel, was a #1 best seller on Amazon. She's also appeared on Comedy Central's Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, is a contributor to Pajiba, and is ModCloth's first transgender model.

    6. Can't Come but still Want to Donate to Planned Parenthood

    That's cool. We've all got lives. But hey! You can still donate to Planned Parenthood through the Event Page!

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