16 Reasons You Are Every Friends Character Ever

I mean, they could have just cast you as all six characters.

1. 1. You correct other people’s grammar.

And others may or may not appreciate it.

2. 2. You’re can sometimes be a know-it-all.

3. 3. You may not be the neatest eater…


4. 4. But you have an awesome sense of style.

6. 5. When you’re excited, the whole world must know.

And THEY BETTER be happy for you.

7. 6. You’re never too old for bubble wrap.

8. 7. You’re always looking out for your children.

She makes a good point.

9. 8. You love food.

11. 9. And sharing food is never an option.

12. 10. And it’s totally OK to eat off the floor.

Three-second rule, people!

13. 11. You dance like this.

16. 12. Sometimes you dance while eating food…

17. 13. …and sometimes you dance while WEARING food.

And it is totally acceptable.

18. 14. You don’t even have to try to embarrass your friends.

19. 15. And Brad Pitt will never love you.

20. 16. But all in all, you’re still a pretty cool person.

21. Go reward yourself with some food.

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