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How To Run A KICK ASS Program!

You got this.

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1. Hospitality

* Smile!* Welcome People to the Space* Music* Set up your space.* CHECK IN!

* Smile!

* Welcome People to the Space

* Music

* Set up your space.


2. Tell a story or YOUR Story!


Science says the best and quickest way to connect with your audience is by telling a story!

3. Establish your classroom culture, rules, safety, and expectations early on.

Lay down the law early... or else.

Lay down the law early... or else.

4. Command the Room!


The vibe you put off is what you will get back.

5. Flip the script!

6. Manage Your Time!


Don't waste your time...don't waste mine!

7. Debrief!

It's not leadership unless you debrief!

8. Ditch the “Shopping Cart Mentality”

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If you see something... DO SOMETHING! .......Even if it wasn't yours.

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