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    May 3, 2017

    I Tried The New Adult Activity Books

    Adult coloring books have been popular for a while now, but now sticker books and scratch-off books are being marketed to the older generations. I went ahead and tried a couple in order to give you the in's and out's of these new entertainment devices.

    I started with the scratch-off (because it got here first from Amazon).

    For starters, this one cost more. At a whopping $12.99, I needed this thing to be worth it, and it was.

    Everything you need in one nice package.

    The design of this scratch-off book is actually pretty neat. It's incredibly sturdy, so you don't need to find something hard to use to scratch your mandala on. The pages tear out easily, there's a sheet of wax paper keeping the pages separate, and the scratch stick fits perfectly into a recessed space in the back. It's also easy to take with you to the beach or a park for some relaxing scratching.

    The final results are gorgeous.

    I hope it's not just me, but I find the results of these pages mesmerizing and finishing one really gives you a sense of accomplishment. This one took about 2-3 hours. But some of the more intricate ones could easily take longer. I know this sounds corny, but I think these would look really cool framed all throughout someones house or dorm room, just saying.


    One of the pages already had scratches on it, which was disappointing. I saw that someone in the reviews for the Amazon listing had mentioned this problem also, but I hoped it wouldn't happen to me. Also, beware if you have nails. I caught myself accidentally scratching the image with my nails and became extremely frustrated (feeling like I ruined the whole thing). I got more careful as I continued, but it would have been easier without these claws.

    Next up...STICKERS!!!

    Also an Amazon purchase, because I'm addicted. This one cost me $6.49, so not a huge blow to the bank account.

    Exactly like a paint by number but with stickers instead

    So the directions were pretty simple. Find the picture you want to create, find the corresponding sticker sheets in the back of the book, and stick the right number to the right space. I found it easier to tear the sticker sheets and the page out (they were perforated).

    Useful tip...use tweezers.

    This tip was in the front of the book and was really helpful. Tweezers made it easier to see if the sticker was lined up before placing it down. The books warns that these stickers aren't removable, but I had to peel one up a few times without much issue.

    Much less time consuming

    These pages seemed to go by much faster. They were still meticulous and engaging, but they didn't require as much careful consideration. I found myself completing this picture in about 1-2 hours.

    Less satisfying

    Compared to the mandala page, I found the sticker page far less satisfying. The image isn't really what I had in my mind, and it's not something I could see myself displaying in my home. It was fun to do and very relaxing, just not as fun as the mandala scratch-off. But the mandala was MUCH harder. It was easier to make mistakes and those mistakes couldn't be fixed, which could cause someone stress.

    Not for the perfectionist

    One major downside for me was that the stickers don't always fit their assigned pieces perfectly. This causes small gaps in the image, and it's really obvious because the white page underneath shows through. This drove me a little nuts, but I can see other people not caring so much.

    All in all

    I prefer the scratch-off book. It took more time and more work, but the end result was far more satisfying. I would definitely recommend either though. For the cost, the sticker book isn't a bad deal, and it was still enjoyable. I'm glad I have both because sometimes the scratching started to hurt my hand, and it's nice to be able to switch to the stickers when that happens.

    1. So would you try one of these new adult activity books?

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    So would you try one of these new adult activity books?
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      Definitely, both sound fun.
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      The sticker book looks cool.
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      Old school coloring books or DIE
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      I'm an adult...I don't have time for these things.
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