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I Made The "Ivanka's Shoes Suck Bigly" Sign

This week I saw my face on Trump's feed in reply to Nordstrom dropping Ivanka's brand. I had taken my sign around Washington the day after the Women's March. This was the scene.

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It all started with this.

A) this is not a great photo of me but B) I don't really care because C) I got my point across and it's aiding the fight against the hypocritical and eerily silent first daughter.

It's very weird seeing your face on Trump's feed but as a "left-wing" Nordstrom shareholder I was pretty dang proud of the context.

To be honest I thought it was a one-off from @AJ...Twitter is a little confusing to me despite having had an account since it launched. Only when friends starting texting me did I realize it was on Trump's page. Anyways, here's the story of my sign in DC on January 22nd - the day after the inauguration and the march.

The White House view along the Ellipse was blocked off shortly after our encounter with the security guard at the Treasury...

The street cleaning-loader-thing is coming to clear out the signs! (Note: people were laying down more after they were cleaned up). The path you see to the right is where signs above were laid.

On the General Marquis de Lafayette statue.

If you squint you can see the White House through the bleachers :/ It wasn't very visible because of the huge stands and fences that were constructed for the parade.

Home Sweet Home

Now my Ivanka sign sits in my living room patiently awaiting the next protest or being frame as a constant reminder to fight the Trump regime. Or to simply speak up instead of being a not-so-innocent bystander. Or to fight for rights for all mother's instead of a select few. Or to buy quality shoes that don't rip off other designers. Just, ya know, to start.

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