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12 Reasons Why Video Stores Were The Best

Netflix be damned. Kids these days have no idea what they missed.

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1. Physically picking out movies.

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As in, grabbing your top 5 (OK 10), rolling up to your parents with a shit-eating grin behind your teetering tower of VHS tapes and begging for all of them. It's just not the same to add them to a queue.

3. Movie Posters.

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Those bins by the door were like the original $1 beer specials. "Mom! I neeeeeeeed this Romy and Michelle poster!!" A "FREE" sign often appeared when the only ones left were from failures like Tin Cup and Glitter.


4. Candy.


And I mean WEIRD candy like wax bottles and gummy tacos. Video stores always had the newest, kitschiest candies alongside good ol' staples like Push Pops and Airheads. Also, DIY movie theater popcorn (that came with its own giant paper bucket) was the ultimate sleepover snack. How great were the days when you could pressure your dad into getting you Snowcaps and Redvines for dinner just so you'd stfu?

5. Running into your friends.

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There was nothing better than getting to scamper around a Blockbuster like a lunatic with another 8-year-old compadre before getting locked down into family movie night. Sometimes you could even con your parents into a playdate. Ah, playdates, the only thing you can't get on Amazon Prime.

6. Late fees were like library fees.


Granted, you don't ever get fees with streaming because the movies vanish like Charlie Sheen from rehab BUT if you did want to share a movie, re-watch it, or forget it in the back of your Volvo station wagon it'd cost like $2 a week.


10. Sales.

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$3 DVDs?? UM OKAY! And then you realized you had 1,000 movies you didn't even really like but you didn't care because you looked super cool to all of your friends until you became a grown-up and had to move and drag them with you like an asshat.

11. Video Games.


Not just the ones to rent (which was AWESOME) because they had every format, but because some stores actually had entire video game sections where your older brother would post up while you scoured for "Milo & Otis" and "The Swan Princess."

12. They felt like space stations.

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They were big and bright with so many clashing colors and sharp corners, and they smelled like cherry cola and bleach! Video stores made us feel like we were autonomous, despite our parents being 10 feet away. We miss them, but at least we got to experience them before they went extinct.

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