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Fans Can't Stop Laughing At Taylor Swift And Sabrina Carpenter's Height Difference After Their Shared Moment On Stage At The AMAs

Every smol girly needs a tol BFF!

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Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter just became the pop duo we never knew we needed after they shared a sweet moment at the American Music Awards last night.

Shortly after Sabrina helped present Taylor with the AMA for Favorite Music Video (which she won for "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)"), the Midnights singer embraced her before gently patting Sabrina on the head, highlighting their vast height difference.

For every short friend, there needs to be a tall friend... it's just a law of science 💁‍♀️ #TaylorSwift and #SabrinaCarpenter share a sweet moment up on the #AMAs stage 💕

ABC / Via Twitter: @accesshollywood

POV: Your older sister is proud of you for doing a great job!

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For reference, Taylor is 5′10″ while Sabrina stands at 5'0", which puts them at a 10-inch difference!

Needless to say, this heartwarming and hilarious clip instantly went viral, which prompted some Swifties and Carpenters to gushingly tweet about it:

i wish i was taylor’s height but i’m more of a sabrina- 😭

ABC / Via Twitter: @longstorycali

sabrina’s heels are much higher than taylor’s and the height difference is still insane 😭

ABC / Via Twitter: @constantreeling

i'm literally the same height as sabrina when is it my turn to have taylor pet my hair i swear i can meow pretty well

ABC / Via Twitter: @ivysgrden


Twitter: @brinaajauregui

sabrina and taylor: you, me, we’re face to face but we don’t see eye to eye

ABC / Via Twitter: @betuwnna

taylor swift just patted sabrina carpenter head to give her main pop girl powers

Twitter: @gilmorereligion

Taylor and Sabrina prove that height differences are adorable in both romantic and platonic settings!

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