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    I Ranked The Fashion From The “Gossip Girl” Reboot Episode 8, From "Unforgivable" To "Absolute Genius"

    "She's truly unreal and we're not worthy to gaze upon her."

    Welcome back, Upper East Siders! Long time no see! It feels like just yesterday that we dove back into the chaotic lives of Manhattan's elite and the questionable fashion choices they make.

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    Well, let’s not just sit around. Let's jump into the looks from Episode 8: "Posts on a Scandal."

    14. Wendy's floral disaster dress:

    Wendy wears a long sleeve floral dress with a high-neck

    I really need to talk to the show's costume designers, because I feel like they're bullying this character at this point. This dress is so ugly that my eyes hurt just looking at it. It looks like they took down some curtains, sewed them together, and said, "sure." -50/10, why do they keep putting her in these dresses?!

    13. Obie's sad boi turtleneck:

    Obie Bergmann wears a light colored tight turtleneck shirt

    The saddest part about this look is that someone else (his mom) probably picked it out for him and he STILL chose to wear this on national television. Good job, Dan Humphrey 2.0.

    12. Nick's crisp work attire:

    Nick Lott wears a light colored button up shirt and a dark patterned tie

    He's just so handsome. I mean, what? I don't have a crush on him, you do. SHUT UP!

    11. Kate's stressed walking fit:

    Kate Keller wears a dark turtleneck shirt under a dark colored wool coat

    She looks so good for a woman who's wrestling with the morality of bullying children online.

    10. Kate's casual castaway look:

    Kate Keller wears a short knit sweater under a light colored wool coat

    True, her entire project was stolen by bored and vindictive teachers, but Ms. Kate held it down in the fashion department, at least. Also, I love this jacket so much!

    9. Zoya's grungy uniform:

    Zoya Lott wears a one strap plaid jumper under an oversized plaid shirt

    We're back with the one strap look, yes!! Plus, this yellow flannel really works with the skirt, and I think the little neck tie is so adorable.

    8. Julien's velvet sweatsuit dream:

    Julien Calloway wears a one color velvet sweatsuit

    This look is such a '00s throwback and I couldn't love it more. There's no one who was born after 1996 who didn't own at least one of these sweatsuits.

    7. Monet's badass letterman jacket:

    A close up of Monet Hann as she wears a letterman jacket with a dragon on the sleeve

    Welcome back, queen! This jacket is so dope, and of course she paired it with a studded choker. What an icon.

    6. Julien's patchy sweater dress:

    Julien Calloway wears a knee length long sleeve sweater dress with an array of patches on it

    A trend I've noticed on this show is a lot of clothing pieces seem to have random patches on it (I'm looking at you, Max's wool baseball coat). But the fringed patches really work on this otherwise simple dress.

    5. Monet and Luna's matching white uniforms:

    Monet Hann wears a long sleeve shirt tucked into a dark skirt and knee length socks. Luna La wears an oversized knit sweater over a button up shirt with a dark skirt

    I know I've gotten comments in the past saying, "It's not matching because they're wearing uniforms." Well, to that I say, have you SEEN these uniforms?! They're not the same at all. So, it seems like a conscious decision for these besties to match part of their school looks together. Boom, case dismissed.

    4. Zoya's pastel paisley jacket:

    Zoya Lott wears a paisley patterned jacket over a t-shirt

    I wish I could explain how much I love this jacket, but words could never do it justice. 40/10, can someone please find me the link for this?!

    3. Monet's plaid party fit:

    A close up of Monet Hann as she wears a thin strap plaid corset dress


    2. Luna's luscious lizard look:

    Luna La wears a lizard skin dress with a cut out on the side

    First, I absolutely love bangs on her. Second, SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO LOOK THIS GOOD. Luna La is truly unreal and we're not worthy to gaze upon her.

    1. And finally, Julien's slick cheetah dress:

    Julien Calloway wears a thin strap cheetah print dress with a bejeweled patterned on her shaved head

    Yes, her dress is super cute and works so well with her skin tone. But the real star of this look is the jewel pattern on her head. It's such a statement piece and really shows that having a shaved head doesn't mean you can't rock something fun up top.

    See you for the next episode, darlings!

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