The Internet Is Divided On If It's Okay To Have A Family "Popcorn Vomit Bowl," And I Need To Know Where You Stand

    Some things are better left in the drafts...

    In this week's installment of "things people maayybeee should've taken to the grave and not posted on the internet," a viral tweet concerning vomit and a cake bowl unfortunately made it onto my timeline that I must share with you all now.

    Twitter user Sarah Turner made the interesting decision to divulge the fact that her children just found out that the bowl they vomit into and the bowl they make cakes in are, you guessed it, the same bowl.

    My kids have just discovered that the family sick bowl and the cake mix bowl are one and the same. In my defence, this was also the case when I was growing up … but now I’ve said it out loud, I realise I need to break the cycle. I won’t be taking any further questions.

    Twitter: @TheUnmumsyMum

    Live footage of me reading this while in bed:

    Honestly, after reading that, I couldn't help but be disgusted. I kept thinking, "Do people really do this?! And if so, why?!?!" Thankfully, after seeing some of the replies under her tweet, I realized I wasn't alone in being grossed out:

    @notcapnamerica @TheUnmumsyMum Sick bowl?!?!?! Why the hell you think we collect all those damn Walmart bags! You puke in it, wrap it, tie it, and throw it out the door

    Twitter: @hogan_1969

    @TheUnmumsyMum Why do people have sick bowls and not sick buckets?! That means you have to see it and get close to it…that’d make me sick all over again 😄😭

    Twitter: @Cage_Nerd

    @TheUnmumsyMum I’d like ‘Ancestors responsible for spreading The Plague’ for $800 please Alex

    Twitter: @reydelaplaya

    @TheUnmumsyMum your house literally comes with a sick bowl it is called the TOILET

    Twitter: @doinkpatrol

    However, while thumbing through the tweet replies, I couldn't help but feel like I had seen this type of discourse recently blow up on another site. And it turns out I was right!

    On Oct. 25, TikTok user raggedywench posted a clip of her jokingly mocking people who think "white people don't have any culture." "Yeah? What about the popcorn vomit bowl?" She asked with a completely straight face that makes me laugh every time I see it.

    This video started the "popcorn vomit bowl" discourse on TikTok, with users stitching raggedywench's video and asking their white friends/partners to explain what the popcorn vomit bowl was. My personal favorite video, and the reason why I knew about this discussion at all, was a stitch by alluringskull.


    #stitch with @raggedywench bats eyelashes blank stare

    ♬ original sound - alluringskull

    After being rightfully confused about what a popcorn vomit bowl was, Jory then asked their friend Max, who explained that his family's popcorn vomit bowl was "the bowl you used when you're too sick to make it to the toilet that your mom gave you so you can stay safe." A truly wild explanation that deserves this look:

    But unlike their Twitter counterparts, people in Jory and raggedywench's comments were staunchly defending the concept of the popcorn vomit bowl:

    Personally, my family didn't have such a bowl, as my mother would just give us a tiny trash can to put by our beds. But my wife, who is my Caucasian people expert, informed me that her family did use a giant mixing bowl to hold their vomit in, which really makes me re-evaluate the food I've eaten at their house.

    I'm absolutely flabbergasted after learning about this popcorn vomit bowl situation and kinda wish I never opened my Twitter/TikTok during this time of discourse.

    But now that this phenomenon is permanently stamped in my brain, I need to know: