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Jennifer Lopez, Cher, And 12 Other Celebrity Parents Who Champion Their LGBTQ+ Kids

I'm open to being adopted at any time!!

Whether they were supportive from the very start or their acceptance grew over time, here are examples of celebrity parents who have openly supported their LGBTQ+ kids:

1. Jennifer Lopez:

Last night … @Dodgers #LADFGala 📸 @notchrisvilla

@JLo / Twitter: @notchrisvilla / Via Twitter: @JLo

During her recent Blue Diamond Gala performance, Jennifer introduced her child on stage using "they" pronouns, adding that "they’re my favorite duet partner of all time."

2. Jamie Lee Curtis:

3. Cher:

Cher wears a fur coat with a matching beanie and Chaz Bono wears a dark pea coat

4. Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union:

5. Cynthia Nixon:

6. Charlize Theron:

7. Busy Philipps:

8. Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus:

Billy Ray Cyrus wears dark jeans with a leather jacket, Miley Cyrus wears a dark suit with a v-neck, and Tish Cyrus wears a dark gown

9. Tori Spelling:

10. Magic Johnson:

11. Marlon Wayans:

12. Marcia Gay Harden:

13. Sally Field:

Sally Field wears a dark strapless gown and her son, Sam, wears a dark suit

14. And finally, Ally Sheedy:

Ally Sheedy wears a turtleneck under a matching colored blazer

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