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Just 16 Behind-The-Scene Celeb Instagrams Ahead Of The 2021 Emmy Awards

We love getting a peak behind the star-studded curtain!

1. Holland Taylor shared this pic of Sarah Paulson and Leslie Grossman getting their beautiful faces ready for their close-ups:

2. Kaley Cuoco showed off her relaxation method of wine and a good body rub:

Kaley Cuoco lays on a mat with an eye covering while wearing a towel, holding a glass of wine, and getting her legs rubbed
@kaleycuoco / Via Instagram: @kaleycuoco

3. Cecily Strong praised her glam team ahead of her big night:

Cecily Strong stands in a door way wearing a knee length dress
@cecilystrong / Via Instagram: @cecilystrong

4. Ken Jeong shared this snap of him and his wife en route to the ceremony:

5. Giancarlo Esposito sat statue still to get his makeup done:

A close up of Giancarlo Esposito as he gets his makeup done
@thegiancarloesposito / Via Instagram: @thegiancarloesposito

6. Tessa Thompson gave her support and cuddles to nominee Michaela Coel:

7. Gillian Anderson celebrated 2 million followers on Instagram with a hydrating facial:

8. Renee Elise Goldsberry showed off her half-done hairstyle:

Renee Elise Goldsberry sits in a chair in front of a full length mirror getting her hair done
@reneeelisegoldsberry / Via Instagram: @reneeelisegoldsberry

9. Ashley Nicole Black shared her crisis of having no conditioner for the show before thanking Jonathan Van Ness for his PR haircare package:

Ashely Nicole Black shows off a haircare PR package from Jonathan Van Ness
@ashnb1 / Via Instagram: @ashnb1

10. Niecy Nash posed on her staircase landing looking like a GODDESS:

11. Karamo arrived on the Emmy red carpet and showed off his crisp suit in slo-mo:

12. Susan Kelechi Watson jammed out to Lauryn Hill while de-puffing her eyes:

Susan Kelechi Watson as she has eye pads under her eyes

13. Mandy Moore gave a shoutout to her Emmy date, aka her breast pump:

An overhead shot of a breast pump

14. Elizabeth Olsen's hairstylist shared the back of her beautiful head along with details about his process for styling her hair:

A close up of the back of Elizabeth Olsen's head

15. Amber Ruffin showed off her many, many Emmy dress contenders:

16. And finally, Catherine Zeta-Jones showed how excited she was to use mascara during her glam:

A close up of Catherine Zeta Jones as she holds a tube of mascara in front of her face