Natasha’s Hair In “Black Widow” Is A Heartbreaking Detail We Need To Discuss

    Hair can truly be the window to the soul.

    🚨Warning: MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Black Widow!🚨

    Welcome, fellow Marvel nerds. I, like the rest of the internet, have not stopped thinking about Black Widow since its release last Friday. While there are so many Easter eggs and haunting themes to discuss at length, there's one small reoccurring detail about Natasha Romanoff that seriously needs to be addressed: her hair.

    During her 10-year run in the MCU, we've seen Natasha rock a ton of different styles and colors, from a brightly red curly bob to long wavy ombré locks. Besides her unique fighting style and sassy quips, Nat's hair has been a staple of her character.

    Natasha Romanoff rocks a short curly bob and Natasha Romanoff has long wavy ombré hair

    So, it makes sense that her solo movie would also focus on her ever-changing hairstyles. We see her go from blue hair in her childhood to her signature red color to platinum blonde, which helps to explain her drastic appearance change in Avengers: Infinity War.

    Young Natasha Romanoff has brightly dyed hair, present day Natasha has her long natural hair, and future Natasha has a short bob haircut

    However, because Marvel is not known for being simple storytellers, I believe Nat's hair journey in this movie is more layered than one might think.

    When we first meet Natasha, she's a preteen living in Ohio with shockingly blue hair. Since we know she was there for an undercover mission alongside her surrogate sister, Yelena, it's not far-fetched to believe her hair was dyed for the mission.

    Young Natasha Romanoff is mid chew while having dinner and young Yelena Belova is mid sentence

    Since Natasha was much older than Yelena, she wouldn't have asked too many questions about changing her looks. But Yelena is a blonde, so why was Nat's hair blue?

    A close up of a young Natasha Romanoff as she looks visibly distressed

    Next, in present day, we see that Nat's hair is back to her original and signature red color. After escaping the Red Room, joining and taking down S.H.I.E.L.D, and being forced on the run from the government, Natasha maintained her own sense of identity by not compromising a real part of herself.

    Natasha Romanoff stands with her hand on her hip and her lips pursed

    Cut to the end of the film, where Nat sadly had to leave her newfound family of Alexei, Melina, and Yelena behind to face the backlash from General Ross. We then flash forward a bit to see her meeting back up with Rick Mason sporting a freshly dyed head of blonde hair.

    Natasha Romanoff and Rick Mason stand side by side in a sunlight field

    Eagle-eyed fans probably spotted the box of hair dye Nat held while holed up in her trailer, but disregarded as she went about the events of the film. So, why would she suddenly dye her hair blonde in the end?

    A close up shot of a box of hair dye that Nat is holding in her hand

    Natasha was obviously keeping Yelena close to her, as the vest she wore at the end of the movie and in Infinity War was gifted to her by the younger Widow, but her decision to alter her appearance one more time seems to be a full-circle moment of being close to the family she tried to forget.

    Yelena Belova stands with her head turned to the side and Natasha Romanoff smiles which causes her nose to scrunch up

    Voluntarily going blonde seems like Nat's way of remembering the few people she could always count on.

    Melina Vostokoff leans into Alexei Shostakov's torso as he extends a hand to Natasha Romanoff

    BRB, I'm just going to sob over this forever!!!

    What do you think Natasha’s hair journey means? And do you have a favorite Natasha look? Tell me everything in the comments below!