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As A Puerto Rican, I Can't Stop Crying Over Bad Bunny Winning The VMA For Artist Of The Year AND Performing At Yankee Stadium

¡Viva la Puerto Rico!

Everyone's favorite Boricua daddy aka Bad Bunny just won the VMA for Artist of the Year, as he should!

A closeup of Bad Bunny

And, while he was unfortunately not able to make it to the ceremony in New Jersey, Benito did treat his fans to a STELLAR performance at Yankee Stadium. If you didn't know, the ballpark is a staple in the hearts of most Puerto Ricans living in the Bronx.

Bad Bunny holding up his moon man trophy

Yankee Stadium has seen a lot of talented Puerto Ricans give their all there, and to see one of our biggest stars in the middle of that field is something we'll never forget.

Bad Bunny performing at Yankee Stadium

And I'm not the only person who thinks this performance was an absolute masterpiece. Below are some of the best reactions to it:

Bad Bunny kissing a girl then a guy on stage of Yankees stadium and the MTV Video Awards was a fucking serve.

Twitter: @cherrypieblues

Bad Bunny delivers an outstanding #VMAs performance of ‘Titi Me Preguntó’ from Yankee Stadium.

MTV / Via Twitter: @PopBase

bad bunny selling out yankee stadium in nyc and winning artist of the year at the vmas, this is truly amazing!!!! and as always giving his speech in spanish “i said one day i would be one of the biggest artists in the world without having to change my culture and my language”

Twitter: @raplinegold

Bad Bunny referencing Britney and Madonnas infamous MTV VMAs 2003 performance at his wedding themed VMAs performance

Chris Polk / FilmMagic / Via Twitter: @PalIahAbdul

bad bunny the first latino to ever win artist of the year at the 2022 #VMAs

Noam Galai / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @badbunnyfiles