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People Are Praising Ashley Graham For Showing Off Her Stretch Marks At The VMAs

"I'm gonna show it all off, in the photos or in real life."

Model and mother Ashley Graham has never been one to shy away from showing off her stretch marks.

And this confidence only increased once she became pregnant with twins in 2021.

"Justin says my stretch marks look like the tree of life," she wrote on Instagram. Justin Ervin is her husband of 12 years, and I'm absolutely crying over this caption, tbh.

And once she hit the red carpet for the 2022 VMAs, Ashley made sure everyone could appreciate her beautiful stretch marks with her daring and sexy cutout gown!

Closeup of Ashley Graham

I mean, look at how STUNNING she looks!

And I'm not the only person loving Ashley's look! Her Instagram comments are full of people hyping her up, as they should!

Ashley actually spoke about her decision to wear this dress with Access Hollywood.

.@ashleygraham is keeping it real and proudly showing off her stretch marks at the MTV #VMAs: "And I'm like 'Okay here we go stretch marks, let's go!'" 🔥

@accesshollywood / Via Twitter: @accesshollywood

When the reporter complimented her look, Ashley replied, "I'm wearing Houghton, so hot, but my stretch marks are out. And I'm like, 'okay, here we go stretch marks let's go!' I'm gonna show it off in the photos and in real life."

"I feel sexy, and hot and I'm like, wait I do have 8-month old twins at home! It's a good reminder."

I hope everyone can take this opportunity to see themselves in Ashley and show off those parts of themselves with confidence! STRETCH MARKS ARE NORMAL AND GORGEOUS!

Ashley Graham