Ranking The Costumes In "Abbott Elementary," From "Just Okay" To "Incredibly Iconic"

    Long live baby Thanos!!

    Last Wednesday, Abbott Elementary treated us to its first ever Halloween episode! While there was so much to love about it, from a kid-led candy heist to a ghost janitor in the basement, the true highlight was everyone's phenomenal costumes. So, in honor of Halloween, I've ranked my favorite looks! Enjoy!

    12. Amber as a Bad Bitch:

    Amber wearing a zip-up athleisure dress, hoop earrings and carrying a small purser

    11. Mr. Johnson as Lil Uzi Vert:

    Mr. Johnson is wearing his usual janitor's uniform but has a "gem" on his forehead similar to the the diamond Lil Uzi has on his forehead

    10. Ashley as the Scarlet Witch:

    9. Jacob as Wage Theft:

    Jacob is wearing a black-and-white striped long-sleeved shirt, a beanie, gloves, and an eye mask as he carries a bag with the U.S. dollar sign

    8. Gregory as Sully Sullenberger:

    7. Barbara as a Spelling Bee:

    Barbara in a bee costume with wings with the letters "A,B,C" on the front

    6. Janine as James Harden:

    Janine wearing a basketball jersey and rocking cornrows and a full beard just like James Harden

    5. Principal Ava as Storm:

    4. Janine as Marilyn Monroe:

    Janine wearing a strapless gown and gloves like Marilyn wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

    3. A student dressed as Thanos:

    Baby Thanos sitting on the ground surrounded by candy and ring pops on his fingers

    2. A student dressed as Mr. Johnson:

    1. And finally, Melissa as the Scarlet Witch:

    How would you rank the costumes of Abbott Elementary? Let me know in the comments!