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I'm Curious To Know Which TV Performance You Believe Deserves An Emmy But Absolutely Won't Win One

These actors deserve their flowers and more!!

2021 was truly the year of TV, with breakout hits like Ted Lasso and Squid Game giving us jaw-dropping acting performances that have earned tons of well-deserved nominations and awards.

However, because there was so much to watch over the past few months, not every stellar performance could be highlighted by the Hollywood establishment — which is such a damn shame, because we truly got to see some of the best acting ever put on the small screen.

Like when Victoria Pedretti used her endless charisma to make us all fall in love with the complicated and murderous housewife Love Quinn in the hit show You.

Love Quinn stands in her kitchen sharpening a butcher knife while wearing a v-neck knit sweater

Or when Reneé Rapp both made us cry with laughter and broke our hearts as the tough-as-nails Leighton in The Sex Lives of College Girls.

Whitney wears a short sleeve brightly colored t-shirt and Leighton wears a dark colored turtleneck shirt

Or when Selena Gomez made her way back to the small screen as Mabel Mora in Only Murders in the Building and took us on a high-stakes adventure filled with podcasting, stolen jewelry, and incredibly sassy comments.

Charles-Haden Savage wears a dark colored knit sweater, Oliver Putman wears a patterned scarf over a cardigan, and Mabel Mora wears a dark turtleneck

So, which 2021 TV performance do you think deserves an Emmy but won't win one?? Let us know which ones and why down in the comments below!

Some submissions may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.