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    14 Sneaky Ways That Can Save You Money While Shopping For Groceries (and Stores Will Hate You For Finding Out)

    After this, you'll never enter a grocery store as the person you were yesterday.

    Let’s be honest, grocery shopping can be expensive, especially when you go in only needing a few essentials like milk and bread, then come out with a cart-full of foods you didn’t even know you were craving (we’re looking at you, Cheese-Itz). But who says you can’t get around some of these crazy store prices? While many stores have sales, there are other ways to sneak in some great and surprising deals that stores don’t want you knowing about…

    1. Couponing

    Save on groceries with coupons

    2. Look Up (and Down)

    When You Cannot Reach for Powdered Sugar Reach the Shelf Challenge

    3. Portion Your Meat

    Save on Groceries by Portioning Meat

    4. Watch the Price Like You Watch Netflix

    How to Watch Price Changes on Your Favorite Groceries

    5. Compare Price per Unit

    Comparing Price Units on Cheese

    6. Goodbye Shopping Cart

    Empty Shelf Department Store

    7. Cashback is Not Dead

    Earn Cashback on Grocery Shopping

    8. Shake Water Off Your Leafy Greens

    Shopping For Vegetables Hacks

    9. Quality Over Quantity

    Buy 1 Get 1 Free Does Not Often Work

    10. Keep an Eye on the Register

    Check Your Bill in The Grocery Store

    11. Pay a Visit to a Drug Store

    Buying Groceries in Drugstore

    12. Check Sales at Other Stores

    Find the Best Deal on Groceries Online

    13. Grocery Pickups

    Grocery Pick Ups during Coronavirus

    14. Buy Previously Owned Supermarket Gift Cards at a Discount

    Save on Pre-Owned Gift Cards