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19 Reasons Why Toronto Should Actually Be Called "Cold Jamaica"

Patties are readily available almost anywhere.

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2. Literally, though. Almost 75% of Jamaican-born Canadian immigrants live in Toronto and surrounding areas.

While 71% of of all people in Canada who reported they had Jamaican ethnic origins live in Toronto, according to a 2001 Stats Canada study.

3. And they're doing some pretty amazing things, might we add.

4. Toronto even has its own "Little Jamaica."

Right by Eglinton West and Oakwood Avenue.


5. So, it's a no-brainer that Jamaicans have had a huge influence not only on Toronto's culture, but on pop culture in general.

Even though Drake doesn't actually have any Jamaican roots.

7. Patties can be purchased for a quick snack almost anywhere.

Randy's Take Out - Home of Randy's Patties / Via Facebook: randystakeout

And when you go into an actual patty shop, you can expect reggae and dancehall music to be blasting through the speakers, just like how it would in Jamaica.


10. A lot of Toronto slang is partially derived from Jamaican Patois.

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Words and phrases like "man dem," "wa gwan," "my youte," "tings," for example.

Even former mayor Rob Ford was quite familiar with it.

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Which garnered some mixed reviews and an expert panel discussion.


12. And this line was all too familiar when they left their friends' houses...

13. There are countless Jamaican food and cultural festivals that take place during the summer.

Here we are setting up for last years #JerkFest #TBT

From Jerk Fest to Ackee Fest, Jambana and more.

14. And of course, there is CARIBANA!

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Toronto's largest street festival where all Caribbean cultures are celebrated.

15. Major dancehall artists love when they visit, and will even give the city a shout out in their music.

Like Ding Dong in "Bad Man Forward, Bad Man Pull Up."


16. Sean Paul even filmed "Get Busy" in Toronto back in 2003.

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Well, Woodbridge. But it still counts, right?

17. Some of Toronto's most recognized talent are Jamaican or of Jamaican decent.

Like Boi-1da, Jully Black, Donovan Bailey and Kardinal Offishall, to name a few.

18. And Toronto has radio shows dedicated to bringing the city the latest in reggae and dancehall music.

Lock it into Canada's #1 reggae show! #RIDDIMTRACK with @SPEXDABOSS 8-11pm. Tweet your request and use the hashtag #RIDDIMTRACK

Because everyone in the city loves those genres.

19. Last, but definitely not least, believe it or not, Jamaica is pretty multi-cultural — just like Toronto.

Welcome to Cold Jamaica.