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19 Experiences You Had As The Only Black Kid In A Canadian University Class

"Wow! So like, where are you actually from?"

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1. Well for starters, even if you were the only black student in the classroom, there were black student associations you could join school-wide.

But nothing was worse than if you took English classes...

13. Or when people dressed up in blackface on Halloween.

.@BrockBUSU @BrockUniversity Is it true these students were awarded $500 for best costume? #BrockU #blackface

Which apparently was totally okay.

Meanwhile, outside of the classroom....

15. But the best was when you got called "an African-American" when your non-black friends were making a solid effort to be polite and PC.

Stephen, Stephen Harper is OUR Prime Minister.


17. When Miley Cyrus "discovered" twerking, you were asked to become the go-to twerking professor.

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