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9 Problems That Only Canadian Naturalista's Would Understand

Because the struggle is so, so real up north.

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1. Finding an affordable hairstylist who specializes in natural hair.

Because Super Cut's doesn't know wa gwan.
Instagram / Via Instagram: @instahysterical

Because Super Cut's doesn't know wa gwan.

2. Being excited for Target to come to Canada, then realizing they forgot to bring Shea Moisture across the border with them.

All Hip Hop / Via

3. Knowing that frigid winters and dry air only means one thing...

clubecandoca / Via

...breakage on breakage on breakage.

4. Paying inflated prices for natural hair products you find on popular blogs and YouTube videos.

ionegiantmag / Via

...if you can even find them in stores.

5. Trying to figure out the 'right' natural hair terminology.

Are they chiney bumps or bantu knots?
Curly Nikki / Via

Are they chiney bumps or bantu knots?

6. Ordering natural hair products online, only to find out they don't ship to Canada.

Giphy / Via


7. If you're a Black Canadian with dreadlocks, dealing with people assuming you're automatically a Rasta from Jamaica who only listens to Bob Marley and smokes marijuana.

Funny Junk / Via

Because there's no way Black Canadians who rock dreads have diverse backgrounds and aren't all Rastafarian, right?

PS. Bob Marley did quite a lot more than smoke.

8. Having to go to the city for hair products if you live in a smaller town.

Giphy / Via

Better hope gas prices stay low.

9. Or having to cross the US border...

Photobucket / Via

That's really what it comes down to sometimes.

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