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Can We Talk About This Hip Hop Cats Playlist?

Yes, this playlist is a real thing. And yes, it's purrrrrrfect.

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Remember the last time you were sprawled out on your couch, petting all six of your cats (or maybe you only have one, or maybe you just imagine petting a cat because you don't have one yet and realize how great they are) and you thought 'You know what would be perfect right now? Some great F*****g Hip Hop music."

Ok, maybe you don't have those thoughts, but obviously some genius out there did and put together a playlist for that exact moment - I present to you: HIP HOP CATS. Featuring cat-themed songs I didn't know even existed, like "Meowpurrdy" from Run The Jewels, "Drop That Kitty" by Ty Dolla $ign (and yes, I'm sure the song is actually about cats), and an alarming amount of others.

The ideal playlist for reading on the couch with your cat, running around the block with your cat (on a leash, of course), pre-gaming with your cat, or just driving around in your car thinking about your cat.

Check it out now, I guarantee you won't hit PAWS...

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