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Things In A Woman's Life That Should Be A Lot Fucking Cheaper

Money doesn't grow on trees, so why is everything so damn expensive? We won the fight for education and voting rights, so maybe we should fight for cheaper things while we're at it.

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Puppies, or cats if that’s what you’re into


I mean who decided that purebred puppies should cost an arm and a leg to bring home. All the more reason to adopt I guess… but then don’t forget about the $60 bags of food and the endless stream of toys to play with.

Healthy food


For a world that is currently booming with vegetarians, vegans, and downright healthy eaters, our grocery stores are charging way too much for a jar of all natural peanut butter or a freaking avocado. Don’t judge me for eating Hot Pockets when I can get them for a dollar a box, assholes.



I shouldn’t even have to explain this. It’s not my fault that I bleed out of my cooch twelve times a year. Mother Nature is a fucking bitch, forcing something on me that costs me $10 a box just to keep under wraps. Now if tampons weren’t dumb expensive, periods may be a little more bearable.



I’ve probably consumed at least 10x my weight in alcohol since the beginning of college alone. With the amount of money I put into the hands of others for my alcohol purchases, I should not have to pay $10 for a margarita at a chain restaurant. Half the time I could probably make the drink myself, so what’s the point anymore?



It’s that time of the month and I’m really craving Cinnabon, but I have to drive half an hour to the closest Cinnabon store. It’s the middle of a tough workweek and I just want to shop my stress away, but I have to drive an hour to a mall with any decent stores in it. It’s June and I want to beach it up, but I have to drive far to the closest beach. Why is gas so expensive when I have so many very important places to go?



Nerd alert, here! Every young woman should be reading books. We fought for our education rights, so I should be able to read a steamy romance novel without having to pay $16.99 for a soft cover copy if I fucking want to.



I don’t even wear makeup much, and I pay at least $8 for a tube of drugstore mascara. I can’t even imagine having to buy concealer, bronzer, and whatever other makeup women where now a days. Those memes about going into Sephora for lipstick and leaving with a $200 less in your pocket aren’t over exaggerations.

Cute clothing


Don’t get me wrong, I love a good TJ Maxx spree, but a lot of the times the really cute clothes you want are $300 a piece at a big name store. If it’s not acceptable for me to walk around naked, then stop charging more than my entire grocery bill for a t-shirt.

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