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    25 Things Every Sneakerhead Will Probably Want To Buy Right Now

    Even if you grounded yourself from buying another pair of sneakers, we found tons of dope products your inner hypebeast will love.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A sneaker cleaner that'll take even your most rough-looking pair of shoes and help them become presentable again. It even comes with a brush for scrubbing the dirt away.

    The cleaner is super concentrated, so a little goes a long way!

    Promising review: "I have had my Nike Roshe runs for about a year now, and I don't go easy on them. I play sports and run in the dirt with them all the time, but I also like to wear them for fashion purposes. Pink Miracle helped restore my daily shoes to look like I just bought them — now I can wear them for even longer. Very pleased with Pink Miracle, I will buy it again when I run out of my bottle." —Romario

    Get it from Amazon for $18.97 (available in two sizes).

    2. Clear drop-front shoeboxes to make your collection look neat and tidy, while still being able to easily see and access every pair.

    BuzzFeed editor's clear shoe boxes stacked four across and 13 high filled with sneakers in her bedroom
    Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed

    I kept putting off buying these shoeboxes because they are definitely a pricier route if you have a lot of shoes. But I decided to go for it and purchase the boxes in chunks — it's hands-down the best purchase I've made all year! Living in a small NYC apartment, I could never find a way to store all of my sneakers in a way that wasn't damaging or wouldn't have them be out of sight (then I would honestly never wear them). After trying tons of different racks over the years, this is the first option that I've ever been 100% satisfied with. It looks great, even in my small bedroom, I can see and access all of my sneakers, and the boxes are extremely sturdy. I am obsessed with my shoe wall.

    Promising review: "My boyfriend and I are real shoppers, from clothes to household items and most importantly SNEAKERS! We have run into a problem with shoeboxes breaking from the weight of stacking them and these drop-front shoeboxes...well they are our Best Buy EVER! They stack perfectly, they don't lean, they inner lock with each other so they don't slide off. They are durable, clear fronts make it easy to see our sneakers, and just an amazing product. We have purchased about 100 of these and are ordering more! I am in LOVE with these drop-front shoeboxes and I tell everyone about them." —SneakerheadMinda

    Get a set of six from The Container Store for $39.99 (originally $49.99; also available in a larger size).

    3. Or a 50-pair shoe rack with detachable wheels so you can simply roll your massive collection out of the way when needed, while still keeping everything visible and easy to reach for.

    The 50 pair shoe rack inside of a close with various shoes on it, including sneakers, flats, and heels

    Promising review: "The measurements are accurate. The rack is sturdy and of great quality. I was able to fit 36 pairs of shoes for both men and women. I didn’t use the wheels although they are a great addition. I didn’t take into account the size of the baseboard. I used a thick glass to secure the rack in place. Overall, it was a great purchase." —Evie

    Get it from Wayfair for $48.99 (originally $89.99).

    4. The Ultimate Sneaker Book by Simon Wood, a coffee table book full of photos, history, and just about everything anyone would ever want to know about sneakers. From Reebok to Nike to Adidas, this book will test your knowledge and probably make you want to up your shoe game.

    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "Everything from history, process, releases and collabs. This book is a great way to enhance your passion for sneakers or even to get started on it. It is quite heavy but looks great on the shelf." —christxne

    Get it from Amazon for $45, Urban Outfitters for $50, or Bookshop for $46.

    5. A pack of U-lace shoelaces (if they look familiar it's because they were on Shark Tank!) to turn your sneakers into convenient slip-ons, without ruining their look. With a huge shoe collection, it's easy to only reach for the more "convenient" pairs, but thanks to these laces, those expensive sneakers that have been hiding in the back will be SO much easier to throw on!


    U-lace is a Black-owned business founded by Tim Talley. He wanted to create shoelaces that could turn your fave sneakers into slip-ons. Not only do the laces make it extremely easy to put your shoes on and take them off, but they're also available in a ton of cool prints and colors that can really elevate the look.

    Promising review: "Love the ease of putting these on my shoes without the need to tie them and love the color options!!!" —Ramon T.

    Get them from U-lace for $5.99 (each pack contains 6 laces, enough for a single sneaker, so you will need at least two packs; available in 63 color options).

    ALSO, check out our full round-up of the best Shark Tank products!

    6. A pair of fragrance- and chemical-free odor eliminators you can stick right into your shoes chilling by the door to avoid any smelly aromas.

    The charcoal bags in a pair of shoes

    These charcoal bags can absorb excess moisture to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from forming on your clothes, shoes, and in your bag. To re-charge them, just stick 'em out in the sun for a bit.

    Promising review: "I always buy these every couple months because they work and they're a great price. I unfortunately can have some stinky shoes and feet in the winter, these take care of that ASAP! They don't have a scent themselves, which is nice, it just absorbs the odor and then it just... disappears." —Felicia

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $8.09.

    7. A digital print of the definition of a Sneakerhead you can frame and hang up right above your impressive collection.

    a framed white print that says the definition of a sneakerhead on it in black letters
    Delirious Digital / Etsy

    Under the word Sneakerhead, the print reads: "1. A person who collects sneakers as a hobby 2. Likely to kill you for stepping on their kicks 3. Running out of closet space (cuz the boxes can only stack up so high) 4. On the verge of bankruptcy because the addiction is that serious."

    Delirious Digital is a woman-owned shop that sells hip hop-inspired art and prints.

    Get it from Delirious Digital on Etsy for $5.99.

    8. A set of two waterproof nylon travel shoe bags to keep your babies (aka your favorite sneaks) from getting dirty on trips, in your gym bag, or any other time you need to pack 'em up.

    A reviewer's pair of sneakers inside the travel bag

    Promising review: "These bags are great. I easily put women's size eight Under Armour running shoes and flip-flops inside with room for another pair of flat sandals. I shoved my husband's size 11 running shoes and his flip-flops in another. The set comes with four bags that are a simple black color with good zippers and the ability to hang them by the handle/tab on one end. The ultimate test was when I laid a bag in the sink and sprayed it with water. Inside is dry!" —DeniceAZ

    Get them from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in three quantities and two styles).

    9. A water-and-stain-repellent shoe spray, because that rain and snow has NO RIGHT to ruin your brand new pair of Air Force 1's!

    The can of water and stain repellent shoe spray

    Promising review: "Works great. I sprayed them three times with an hour between each spray. It puts an invisible lining on the shoe to block from liquids and stains. It’s been two weeks and they don’t have any marks and that’s surprising because they are very white shoes." —john Farmiloe III

    Get it from Amazon for $13.27.

    10. A leather paint set to help you totally customize your kicks with a fresh paint job. Everyone will be asking where you found that unique colorway.

    Promising review: "I was a bit skeptical of a shoe specific paint — it seemed more marketing than a real improvement over other paints — but I was mistaken. This stuff rocks! It works well with stencils and brushes, has good opacity, great adhesion, and remains flexible when it dries. When combined with Angelus Paint 2-Thin, you can use it in any fillable paint pen. You lose some opacity but gain the ability to do longer continuous lines before needing more paint compared to a brush. I look forward to working on a few other projects with this paint." —Xaq F.

    Get it from Amazon for $32.17.

    11. An Air Jordan 1 soy candle with notes of mandarin balm, tangelo, and eucalyptus that'll definitely help mask the not-so-pleasant aroma your pile of shoes have caused to linger in your bedroom.

    The candle has a picture of a red, black and white Air Jordan 1 sneaker on it
    Pretty Honest Candles

    Pretty Honest Candles is a Black woman-owned business that sells handmade, slow burning soy candles. Founder Andrea uses phthalate-free fragrance oils and metal-free wicks.

    Promising review: "Smells amazing and is super cute. I was worried about it breaking, but it shipped here perfectly! Thanks :)" —Annie

    Get it from Pretty Honest Candles for $25.

    12. A Yeezy-inspired silicone AirPod case that'll definitely make all your hypebeast friends jealous. You'll love this case as much as Kanye loves Kanye.,

    Promising review: "So freaking cute!!! Case is very thick, still able to charge AirPods while in the case. Overall the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I get so many compliments." —India L.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.95 (compatible with Apple AirPods 1 and 2).

    13. A 15-pack of colorful shoelaces because after you replace those dirty stained laces with a new color, your shoes will be completely transformed., Amazon

    Promising review: "Great quality, great colors. These laces are long enough for my boots... I use them with my canvas Keds sneakers too. It's nice to be able to change my laces with my outfits... It feels like a new pair of shoes every time I wear them!" —Tdelarme

    Get them from Amazon for $6.99 (15 pairs in a pack).

    14. A chic canvas wall print that'll communicate your love of shoes to everyone who visits your home.

    A black canvas print with white and hold sneakers arranged in a heart that says "shoes speak louder than words" in the middle
    Oliver Gal

    Oliver Gal is a woman-owned business founded by sister artists Lola Sánchez and Ana Gal. Inspired by the Miami art scene, their products feature a lot of fashion, pop culture, and travel. They also offer really cute custom pet portraits.

    Get it from Oliver Gal for $95+ (available in six sizes and three styles).

    15. A pair of insoles for added arch support and comfort so you can spend hours on your feet with ease, even in those rare kicks that honestly aren't that comfy, but you just HAD to have them.

    reviewer's set of insoles

    Plus, they have over 6,000 5-star reviews!

    Promising review: "These insoles offer great support for a fraction of the price of other insoles. I've only worn them for a few days and I've already noticed a difference in my plantar fasciitis. I recommend you get a couple of pairs because they are slightly difficult to move from one pair of shoes to another." —Amazon Customer

    Get a pair from Amazon for $19.99 (available in sizes XS–XL).

    16. A pack of 100 sneaker stickers to deck out your laptop, water bottle, and more so everyone knows you're a sneakerhead., Amazon

    Promising review: "I love this for my laptop. They go on so easily and also come off if you want to remove them if you misplace them, even on top of another sticker it won't rip it. I love the matte finish and there are no duplicates. Every sneaker that is shown in the picture is what you will receive. I covered my laptop and still had so many extra. (15-inch) I love the variety and the size is perfect. Very happy. And I received them more than a week early!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    17. A suede and nubuck leather brush cleaner for removing those difficult scuff marks and stains. The salt during winter can cause serious damage to your beloved sneakers, but this brush can help revive them.

    reviewer holing up their Travis Scott jordan 1 sneakers with the suede brush

    The four-in-one brush includes: a welt surface for heavier scuff marks and stains, nylon bristles for a gentler clean on light scuff marks, an arched half-circle brush for easier cleaning on rounded corners, and a thin protruding brush for cleaning harder-to-reach crevices and grooves.

    Promising review: "I was really sad when I thought my bucks were at the end of their road because I had always heard that suede couldn't be cleaned. With this brush and a little elbow grease my bucks are looking great again! Not out of the box new, but I'd say 85 percent which is fine by me. I didn't use any water or cleaner, I just kept wiping the brush off on my jeans to keep the brush clean, then hit the shoe again with a clean surface. Even brightened the leather up a bit." —Roberto

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    18. A set of four gold Air Jordan concrete magnets to add the perfect sprinkle of ~hype~ to your home decor.

    Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed

    Made By Mean is a small woman-owned business based in Michigan.

    I recently got these magnets as a Secret Santa gift from my coworker and can I just say that she NAILED IT. As someone who has an unhealthy relationship with sneakers, especially Air Jordan's, these ~aesthetic~ magnets were the absolute perfect gift. The details are incredible — I knew exactly what each sneaker was. And they're definitely strong enough to hold papers on the fridge.

    Get a set of four from Made By Mean on Etsy for $15 (available in five colors).

    19. A six-pack of Nike Dri-Fit crew socks to keep your feet dry and comfy and protect your ankles from blisters when you're rocking your fave high-tops.

    the white socks with black swooshes
    Foot Locker

    Promising review: "The Swiss-Army knifes of socks! This sock is useful for a lot of things. I can use them for casual use, performance use, and classy use since the black color goes with everything. And the materials are great. A great buy for everyone." —SSJRolo

    Get them from Foot Locker for $17.99 (available in men's sizes M–L and two colors) or Amazon for $28.23+ (available in men's sizes M–L and six styles).

    20. Some Air Jordan 1 wrapping paper perfect for gifting to a fellow sneakerhead — but honestly, it's so cute you may just want to wrap up your own shoe box and display it as decor.

    white wrapping paper with air jordan's in different colors on it
    StudiosophArt / Etsy

    StudiosophArt is a woman-owned shop based in Amsterdam.

    Get it from StudiosophArt on Etsy for $5.08.

    21. A mini Yeezy Boost keychain that looks incredibly similar to the real thing, only teeny tiny. Now you'll always know which keys are yours.

    two Yeezy sneaker keychains and a mini shoe box
    DesignFreely / Etsy

    Promising review: "I’m so happy with this purchase. The person receiving this is going to love it. Customer service was great as well. I ordered a keychain and ended up changing my mind on what shoe to get and the seller was understanding. They replied fast when I reached out. Pretty fast shipping. I love it! It’s so cute with the box and bag." —jasminexxviii

    Get it from DesignFreely on Etsy for $16+ (originally $20+; available in a single keychain, a pair, or with a mini shoe box).

    22. An "I will stop buying sneakers" T-shirt to serve as a constant reminder that you have absolutely NO more room in your closet for shoe boxes!

    The T-shirt in black with white writing that says "I will stop buying sneakers" four times in a  row
    EuralTees / Etsy

    EuralTees is a Los Angeles-based business that sells unique printed T-shirts.

    Get it from EuralTees on Etsy for $15.99 (available in unisex sizes S–XL and 13 colors).

    23. A sneakerhead coloring book so you can design unique colorways and fantasize about having your own Nike collab one day.


    Promising review: "I bought this for my work buddy who is a sneaker fanatic, and he loves it! The basic designs in this book leave plenty of room to 'design your own' version of iconic shoes. Would 100% recommend for anyone who loves coloring or sneakers!" —K. Cannon

    Get it from Amazon for $12.59.

    24. A custom coffee mug for anyone who never seems to have enough Converse. I mean, I don't blame you! They're a true classic.

    model holding the mug with a converse full of flowers on it and a name in a black cursive
    Blue Fish Mugs / Etsy

    Blue Fish Mugs is a woman-owned shop based in New York that specializes in custom printed mugs.

    Get it from Blue Fish Mugs on Etsy for $19.95+ (available in six styles).

    25. And an Air Jordan wall clock with 3D mini sneakers in Air Jordan numbers 1–12, so you can keep track of time in a way only true sneakerheads will understand. 🔥

    the clock has a red jordan symbol in the middle with the word "flight" and 3D mini sneakers around the edge in Air Jordan numbers 1-12
    ReverieCulture / Etsy

    ReverieCulture is a Los Angeles-based shop that makes unique Sneakerhead and pop culture-inspired products.

    Promising review: "I absolutely can’t say enough about this, it is absolutely amazing and it’s better than the picture. Anyone who orders this will not be disappointed, it’s simply perfect." —Sheila

    Get it from ReverieCulture on Etsy for $107.99 (originally $134.99).

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