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    28 Products To Help Make Long Trips Better

    Love seeing new places, but hate the packing, uncomfortable seats, and long commutes? These products just might help. ✈️

    1. A travel wallet that'll save you from trying to dig out your loose passport and boarding pass after you frantically stuffed them in the bottom of your bag. Plus, it features a RFID blocking shield material to keep your info safe from skimming!

    2. An Away carry-on designed with a hidden laundry bag, a TSA-approved combination lock, an ejectable battery to charge your phone, and 360° wheels. Basically, it's the Beyoncé of luggage.

    3. A pair of compression socks to stop your feet from swelling up like balloons on long flights.

    4. Or, if you really can't stand long socks, a pair of 2XU Vectr no show socks that are just overall super comfy and supportive so you don't have to worry about your feet aching as your rushing through the airport or trying to find your hotel.

    5. A twistable memory foam pillow that'll make your next road trip a WAY more comfy experience.

    6. A travel organizer made of waterproof nylon to keep your phone cords, camera batteries, and SD cards, untangled, undamaged, and easy to find.

    7. A 3D contoured cup sleeping mask with ear plugs and a travel pouch so you can arrive at your destinations feeling rested and ready to go!

    8. A travel makeup case for keeping all of your beauty essentials organized and ready to go at a moment's notice.

    9. A digital luggage scale guaranteed to help you avoid that annoying moment at the airport when you have to frantically take stuff out of one bag and jam it into another.

    10. A portable charger that can fully charge your phone more than two times before it needs to be charged itself. This way you don't have to stress about your phone or iPad dying while you're in the middle of rewatching Gossip Girl during your flight.

    11. A memory foam foot hammock for optimal relaxation during a torturously long flight.

    12. A pack of homeopathic jet-lag pills that can help you adjust to the time change and not feel like total crap once you finally arrive at your destination.

    13. A packing checklist, because no one likes to be halfway to a new place when they realize that they forgot to pack their toothbrush.

    14. A pair of high quality joggers so you can be your comfiest self, while still having that effortlessly stylish airport look. They also have pockets to easily slide your phone or headphones into.

    15. A mini travel straightener in a beautiful marble and rose gold design so you don't have to worry about having a bad hair day in every single vacation photo.

    16. And a heat-resistant silicone mat/pouch so you can safely store your hot hair tools without having to worry about them melting or burning anything.

    17. A faux shearling tote bag from Shay Mitchell's travel brand Béis, because you'll be able to stuff it with all of your essentials, it has a convenient crossbody strap if it's feeling a lil' too heavy, lots of pockets to keep things organized, and it's just SO CUTE.

    18. A pair of noise cancelling wireless headphones so you can block out the noise on the plane or bus and enjoy your playlist or watch your favorite show.

    19. A travel planner for you to keep your trip organized from the hotel to transportation to excursions. It comes with daily planning pages, fun stickers, travel tips, post cards, and more.

    20. A TSA-approved toiletry bag perfect for packing your liquids and other small products in your carry-on, without worrying about them spilling everywhere.

    21. AirFly, which is a wireless transmitter that'll connect your AirPods (or any wireless headphones) to the headphone jack on the flight so you're not forced to buy those crappy airplane earbuds.

    22. Some fragrance- and chemical-free odor eliminators you can stick in your bag to avoid any smelly aromas.

    23. A compact laundry bag so you don't have to worry about your worn, dirty clothes getting mixed up with your clean ones when going in and out of your suitcase.

    24. A universal travel adapter to prevent you from the stress and confusion of getting to another country and realizing that you can't charge your phone.

    25. A phone and tablet holder perfect for relaxing and watching Netflix on the plane, bus, or train, without having to hold your phone the entire time.

    26. A pack of portable folding clothes hangers that'll allow you to unpack properly (avoiding wrinkled and bunched up clothes) when you get to your destination, while not taking up too much space in your suitcase. Genius!

    27. A bar of solid shampoo made with natural ingredients to help you minimize on the amount of liquids your bringing. No one likes it when TSA tells you to toss your expensive shampoo bottle because it's too big!

    28. And a pair of washable, breathable, and packable knit sneakers that'll keep your feet comfy in almost any environment, without cramping your style.

    Now stop worrying and enjoy your trip!

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