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    26 Products On Amazon That'll Make Perfect Gifts

    Cozy gifts, funny gifts, personalized gifts, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Amazon has a list of its "Most Gifted" products, which can be super helpful for checking off names on your holiday shopping list (or, you know, giving you ideas of things to gift yourself).

    Here are some of the coolest gift ideas from that list this week:

    1. A cozy blanket sweatshirt for your friend who is like, always cold. You can even get it in their favorite color!, Amazon,

    Promising review: "To say that it is comfy is more than and understatement. It feels like wearing a soft and warm blanket turned into a hoodie. Because I want to take a nap while wearing, I just put the hood on, tuck my legs in and fall asleep right away, warm and comfortable, no need to wear a blanket over it. Perfect for lazy Sundays!" —Patricia

    Price: $39.99 (available in 18 colors, including fun Christmas designs)

    2. A beautiful 14-piece makeup brush set perfect for a pro-level makeup artist or a beginner. This set has almost everything they'll need and it'll look gorge on their vanity.

    The bristles are vegan and cruelty-free, made of durable synthetic fiber that's soft and silky! This set will fulfill pretty much all of your makeup needs, including a blending brush, eyebrow brush, multiple eyeshadow brushes, as well as ones suited for eyeliner, contouring, blush, and more.

    Promising review: "I am a makeup brush fanatic! I own Sigma and Sephora and It Cosmetics brushes, as well as Elf and Real Techniques. I love quality, not brand labels. This is one of the best makeup brush sets I own. There are lots of thick soft hairs in the brush that help to create a smooth flawless looking finish. The handle and ferrule are made of nice materials and lend the brushes the perfect balance of weight right where you need it." —Christina

    Price: $10.99+ (available in five colors)

    3. An illuminating essential oil diffuser to give the gift of aromatherapy to anyone who would enjoy some soothing scents flowing through their home.

    Promising review: "This is a really great diffuser, especially for a first timer like myself. It's small and simple and also succeeds in freshening up my entire room. The 30 second burst is great at keeping your space feeling and smelling great throughout the day, while the continuous mode lasts for about six hours so I keep it on while I'm sleeping." —Pascal Ibe

    Price: $15.99 (available in four colors)

    To take the gift to the next level, you can add a pack of assorted essential oils!

    4. An Aztec Secret Indian healing mask made with 100% calcium bentonite clay perfect for the person on your list who is really into skincare and always trying new beauty regimens. This thing works magic to deep clean pores and help fight acne and blemishes. (Honestly, anyone will thank you for this after they use it a couple times.),,

    This product is cruelty-free and formulated without additives or fragrances. There is a bit of mixing involved — you need to add some apple cider vinegar for it to do its best work, so you might want to add that to the gift as well!

    Promising review: "I have dealt with hormonal cystic acne for years. Even after being prescribed medication to help with the acne, I would still get some breakouts around my period and occasionally throughout my cycle. This product changed everything. I use this mask every night in addition to my normal routine. I started out mixing it with water and it worked well enough but then I switched to apple cider vinegar and wow! What a huge difference this product has made for my face. If I do get a pimple here or there this helps to clear it up quickly. In conclusion, this stuff has changed my life and I will buy it until I die." —Elizabeth

    Price: $9.99 (available in two sizes)

    Check out more details about this popular clay mask.

    5. A Lip Smacker unicorn magic lip balm that'll make the most adorable stocking stuffer for kids or anyone who grew up collecting all the different Lip Smacker flavors. (We can all agree that Dr. Pepper was the best right?), Amazon

    Promising review: "Omg this is so cute and smells and tastes amazing! I bought it for my daughter but I think I need to get one for myself as well." —leah R

    Price: $3.99 (available in five designs/flavors).

    6. A Carhartt beanie made of warm and stretchy rib-knit acrylic fabric that I've actually bought for my best friend as a gift before. They are a great mix of style and function.,

    Promising review: "Great color, kept me warm in Iceland from hiking windy cliffs to glacier caves to late night aurora borealis hunting. Became my go to beanie for its comfort and cute-factor. My skin is sensitive and doesn't do well with wool — this is soft and comfortable. It even stayed pretty dry around water spray." —Krystal Carden

    Price: $14.99 (available in 38 colors)

    7. An empowering coloring book meant to inspire conversations with young girls (or anyone really) about what it means to be confident, brave, and beautiful. Gift it to any little one in your life to help them build confidence and express their creativity.

    Promising review: "In a world of predictable coloring books for kids, this one really stands out. I bought one for my daughter and a handful of others for holiday gifts for her friends. What’s not to love about exposing the girls to ideas like 'I am clever, bright, powerful, creative, inventive,' etc." —SRed

    Price: $7.60

    8. A very honest "to do list" mug that'll surely make your friend or relative laugh. We're pretty sure it'll be their new favorite coffee cup!


    Promising review: "I bought this for my husband for Christmas. It gave me a giggle because it describes his morning routine to a T. The mug was just fine; the print was clear, mug was sturdy, and my husband loved it! It's his new favorite!" —Sissy39

    Price: $16.99

    9. A set of squeaky plush dog toys to gift your family pup so they can have some fur babies of their own., Amazon

    Promising review: "My dog loves these things! This is my fourth or fifth order in the past 1.5 yrs or so. Can't beat the price for three, sure she kills the squeakers relatively quick but she still loves them and even sleeps with them. We have a whole basket of them." —A. ARF

    Price: $8.49+ (available in small or large sizes)

    10. An electric wine opener for your wine-loving bestie. No more struggling to pop a cork on girls night.,

    Promising review: "This bottle opener is so convenient. It looks great, works awesome, and has a long battery life. Not much else to say. We love this bottle opener. We can also leave it off the charger for a while with no problem using it days later." —Nicole G.

    Price: $19.99

    11. A pack of colorful makeup sponges that the giftee can use to flawlessly apply foundation, BB cream, powder, concealer, and more. Your beauty obsessed loved one will not be dissapointed!,

    Promising review: I’m honestly really stinking happy with my little sponges. They double in size as soon as you get them damp but they don’t soak up like any of my foundation so nothing goes to waste. It applies my makeup smoothly and works just as well as a Beauty Blender but for a fraction of the price. Totally worth it." —Corgi Lover

    Price: $8.99 for a pack of five

    12. A chunky cowl neck sweater with button details, because who wouldn't love a cozy, stylish new item to hang in their closet?,

    Promising review: "I bought this sweater as one of my daughter's Christmas gifts. She absolutely loves it. The quality is great and it is exactly as pictured. The buttons are decorative only, it’s a pullover, but that is not an issue." —Ravenslyric

    Price: $18.98+ (available in sizes S-2XL and 15 colors)

    13. A handcrafted personalized soy candle that allows you to pick from 20 different scents and customize the writing on the jar, so you can give something that's unique and thoughtful to anyone on your list.

    Promising review: "I was a little questionable when I ordered this about how the personalization would be, but it was PERFECT! I fell in love with this candle and can’t wait to give it to my boyfriend for Christmas. You can customize it however you want and it smells so much better than store bought candles. I recommend 100%, I will buy again definitely! The care you get is amazing! Buy this instead of a store candle. I was excited that I could put the saying me and him say to each other on the candle!" —Emily Reed

    Price: $17.95 (usually takes 1-2 days to create; available in 20 scents and 12 fonts)

    14. A thermoelectric mini fridge cooler and warmer with a built-in bluetooth speaker, small enough to fit in a car or on a desk. The receiver will totally enjoy having a convenient place to store anything from snacks and drinks to beauty products.


    When we say mini, we mean small! This little baby fridge is big enough for six cans. You can choose to chill up to 32°F or warm up to 150°F. People have used it to store everything from insulin to breast milk to snacks and coffee creamer.

    Promising review: "This fridge is just perfect, especially for a dorm or car. I have one of these in my car and one in my dorm room. It's literally perfect and the speaker is much better than you would expect — it is really loud and really clear and the bluetooth works from very far. Also, the price on this fridge is very low compared to its value. It is also really good if you want to give someone a good gift for a low price." —mendel s

    Price: $44.99 (also available without the speaker for $40.95)

    15. A variety box of tea including flavors such as earl grey, organic peppermint, green tea with jasmine, and more. Perfect for anyone who loves to start or end their day with a warm cup of tea. 🍵

    This variety pack includes six tea bags of each flavor: English breakfast, earl grey, decaffeinated breakfast, lemon and orange, pure Assam, green tea with jasmine, organic peppermint, and organic chamomile.

    Promising review: "Wow! Very high quality and the package is absolutely gift worthy. I am really enjoying this assortment. I really feel like I am in on something now that I have tried this brand. Sort of like going to England without actually going! I wish they carried this brand in my local super market." —Ryan

    Price: $11.49 for a box 48

    16. A Buddah Board for your friend who could really use some more zen in their life. These water painting boards are used for mindfulness and meditation.


    To use it, simply fill the stand with water, dip in the bamboo brush, and start drawing. As the water evaporates your art will slowly fade away, which can help in the practice of letting go and being in the moment.

    Promising review: "I have bought the Buddha Board for a friend who loves it. I finally got one for myself. I love the concept of letting go. It's a great gift for anyone especially a friend (of any age) who is going through a rough time. Very zen and calming." —Marianne B

    Price: $34.95

    17. A Conair ceramic curling wand to give to your glam friend who always looks on point so they can enjoy luscious curls without hitting the salon.,,

    This wand features a 30-second instant heat-up to 400°F, five heat setting, auto-off, and it comes with a heat-resistant glove.

    Promising review: "I could have spent more money buying a fancy one. But in the end, this works so well and I don't see how a higher priced product could produce better quality. I love it. The little three finger glove it comes with is kinda awkward to wear. I don't use it. It's not necessary if you know how to use it. I've never used a wand before and it only took me about ten minutes to figure it out." —Brittaney James

    Price: $15.99 (available in three sizes)

    18. A selfie ring light with an adjustable tripod stand and cell phone holder guaranteed to be any aspiring influencers most prized possession. It can be used for filming videos, taking photos, and doing their makeup.


    It features three lighting modes and comes with a remote compatible with most smartphones.

    Promising review: "I love this ring light. It’s definitely durable for someone who just started a YouTube channel. I love the fact that it’s super bright, it has three different light settings and it can go as high as 54”. I would definitely recommend this product to friends/family." —Tianna Washington

    Price: $31.99

    19. A set of satin pillowcases, because they're a game changer for improving breakage, tangles, and frizz. Plus, they'll look nice and luxurious on anyone's bed. Gift a set of these to someone who recently got a new place or someone who loves a good beauty secret.


    Promising Review: "LOVE THESE! They are a beautiful shade of gray, well-made and a perfect price! I ordered these to help protect against hair-breakage and I've already noticed a huge difference!!!" —shawnellnewberry

    Price: $8.98 (available in three sizes and 16 colors)

    20. A Rachael Ray nonstick bakeware set with silicone grips for your relative who is always baking up a storm. They'll probably love the gift so much that they'll make you a delicious treat in return!


    This set comes with a 10"x15" cookie pan, two 9" round cake pans, and a six-cup muffin pan.

    Promising review: "Love, love, love them. These pans are so easy to clean up and work wonderfully. There is a limit on how hot you can cook with these so be sure to read that before you buy. I have not had any problems out of this set. Got it for Christmas and they still look new." —Chris

    Price: $36.39 for a four-piece set (also available in sets of five and ten pieces and five color options)

    21. An LOL-worthy tortilla throw blanket to gift your friend or coworker with a good sense of humor. They'll totally love curling up in this thing on the couch like an *actual* burrito. 🌯,

    Promising review: "What a great blanket. I bought it as a gift for my adult nephew, and he loved it. It’s big (I ordered the 71” one), it’s very soft and lightweight, and it actually looks like a real tortilla, even has 'burn marks.' For gifting, I rolled it up like a burrito and wrapped it in aluminum foil — like a real burrito. Even the dog got excited, licking his lips, thinking it was a burrito." —Natalie A.

    Price: $19.99 (available in four sizes and 10 designs)

    22. A 16-color toilet nightlight so your loved one can pee in peace in the middle of the night without stubbing their toe or waking up their partner.


    Honestly, I want someone to get me this.

    Promising review: "I freaking love this light. The motion detector is super sensitive and as soon as i walk into my bathroom it lights up. I hate turning on the light in the middle of the night and I'm also scared of the dark so this is perfect. Also the colors are awesome!!!" —Ashley Young

    Price: $9.97

    23. A single-serve Keurig coffee maker to give to your coffee-addicted relative who (for some unknown reason) hasn't gotten one of these babies yet.

    Promising review: "It makes coffee and tea making so much quicker and easier. We bought this version for my parents and in-laws after we fell in love with ours. None of us needed anything super fancy so this basic model is great. My husband loves being able to make a cup in the morning even if he's running late because it's so fast and easy." —katie h

    Price: $59.99 (available in two colors)

    24. A silicone Apple Watch band for your techy friend who would love to accessorize their device with a new colorful band.

    Promising review: "I've been through a few of them, and this one is the most comfortable. I have it in the light grey and it looks great with my silver watch. The closer is easy, comfortable, and totally secure. And the price! Awesome." —Ms.Crea

    Price: $5.99+ (available in sizes 38mm—44mm and 31 colors)

    25. A heated electric back and neck massager that uses eight bi-directional rotation knots and three intensity settings that'll help relax the giftee over and over again, without them having to drop money on a professional massage., Amazon

    Promising review: "I’ve been using this multiple times a week for a month and a half. I think that most personal massagers are crap, but this is an exception. I use it all over my body — hips, butt, calves, hamstrings, feet, neck, back — which is super easy to do with how it’s shaped. You can pull on the handles to position it and give yourself a deeper massage. I would recommend buying this if you’re sore pretty often." —MyBlueHeaven

    Price: $36.99

    26. And a stinking cute Groot flower pot for any Marvel fan with a green thumb.,

    I AM GROOT!! (That's Groot-speak for "OMG, I need it" 😍).

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this!! My mom got this for me for a late Christmas gift, along with a ton of cute succulents to pick from to plant in my new baby Groot. He is so cute and I can't get over it! I planted two alien-like succulents in them because they reminded me of space and The Guardians of the Galaxy." —Susan Larson

    Price: $4.29

    When you find the perfect gift:


    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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