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    34 Kitchen Products With Wow-Worthy Results — And We Have The Receipts

    Whether you want to upgrade the look of your kitchen or cook more efficiently, these products are sure to impress.

    1. A bestselling garlic press for anyone who has ever debated if a recipe really needs garlic because you didn't feel like mincing it (guilty). This sturdy, ergonomic tool will help you add fresh garlic to your meals with ease.

    2. A batter dispenser so you can make perfect pancakes every time. It'll help control proportions and avoid getting messy drips everywhere. You can use it to easily pour cupcake batter into liners as well. So handy!

    A model using a pancake dispenser to dispense even circles of pancake batter on top of a griddle

    3. A pizza stone for preparing delicious pizza, whether you're making it from scratch or even just heating up leftovers. The round stone has invisible micro-pores used to draw out moisture from the dough and distribute heat evenly, resulting in crispy, nonsoggy crusts. Pizza lovers, rejoice!

    4. An absolutely genius butter stick holder so you can prep your pans, without getting butter on your fingers or having to wait for a lump of it to melt down.

    5. A Ninja coffee maker you can use to turn your favorite grounds or pods into a yummy cup of rich, strong coffee. The machine offers nine brew sizes and four styles, including an "over ice" setting. It even has a built-in milk frother! Basically, if you're a coffee connoisseur, you need this.

    6. Or a bestselling French press for those who prefer this type of brewing experience. It has a four-level filter system to ensure that your fresh cup of joe is ground-free.

    7. A handheld milk frother so you can enjoy a fancy latte, cappuccino, or macchiato from the comfort of your home.

    8. A stuffed burger press because it'll give a serious upgrade to your favorite meal. Easily make your own gourmet burgers stuffed with cheese, bacon, onions, and more.

    9. A bottle of Krud Kutter for a non-toxic way to remove tough grease from your oven, stovetop, counters, and walls. Simply spray it and wipe it clean for impressive results.

    10. Or! A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser because it's premixed for a quick cleaning job, but can still work wonders to remove soap scum, tarnish, and more from grimy surfaces.

    11. gas range cleaning spray to finally remove that burned-on food that's been refusing to budge. Just spray and wipe for a stress-free after dinner cleanup. 

    Reviewer photo of dirty gas range burner
    Reviewer photo of clean gas range burner after using cleaner

    "This stuff is THE TRUTH. My roommate is the best, but let's just say wiping down the stove after cooking is not one of her favorite activities. I'm not particular fond of doing the dishes, so I guess we're even. Anyways, I spray this on a few times a week, let it sit for about five minutes, then wipe with a cloth and it removes EVERYTHING. Like, every little spot of caked-on grease and burnt crumbs come off with just one wipe." —Daniel

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $14.88.

    12. A ceramic cooktop cleaner that'll keep your cooking area looking HGTV-approved. It's safe on all smooth tops, including radiant and halogen.

    Reviewer before-and-after photo showing results of using cooktop cleaning kit

    13. An all-natural oven scrub so you can get rid of the gross crispies and baked-on spills that may or may not have been accumulating since you moved in.

    14. A pack of scrubbing pads to help easily remove grime, grease, and stubborn food residue, without leaving scratches or streaks.

    15. A set of silicone muffin liners so you can bake delicious muffins and cupcakes all the time without having to purchase disposable liners over and over again. They're nonsticky, easy to clean, and cute!

    16. An easy-to-use circular sandwich cutter that seals the edges so your kids (or you) can enjoy a delicious crustless sandwich for lunch with less mess and hassle than using a regular old knife.

    Reviewer holding homemade circular peanut butter and jelly sandwich

    17. A highly rated spiralizer ideal for anyone who loves a good veggie pasta or wants to up their salad-making game. Use it to make fresh, healthy meals with ease.

    18. A rapid egg cooker loved by more than 85,000 reviewers! It can be used to prepare hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, or omelets in record time, with practically no hassle.

    19. A cold brew maker because every season is iced coffee season! This'll allow you to save lots of time and money on Starbucks runs.

    20. A nonstick electric hot pot for cooking and sautéing everything from steak to chicken to noodles to rice. It's compact and doesn't require a stove, so some reviewers also love it for traveling.

    21. A stainless steel cleaner formulated with plant-based ingredients for getting rid of fingerprints, grease, watermarks, and other smudges ruining the sleek aesthetic of your appliances.

    Reviewer's before/after of their kitchen stainless steel (fingerprinted before, shiny after)

    22. A soft-serve maker, because who wouldn't love to eat their favorite fruits in ice cream form?! In only a few minutes, you can turn frozen fruit into soft serve, without any added preservatives or fats. But, if you do want to sweeten it up, plenty of reviewers have added things like Monk Fruit to the mix.

    23. A corn stripper that'll allow you to easily remove corn from the cob, which will automatically upgrade your salads, stews, and other delicious dishes.

    24. A pack of cleaning tablets to get rid of all the grime from inside your machine and stop it from having any weird smells and hidden residue. Having a clean dishwasher will help ensure your dishes are actually getting clean too!

    25. A chainmail scrubber so you can get the food cleaned off your cast iron, without stripping away the seasoning.

    26. A microwave steam cleaner, because I'm guessing those sauce and cheese splatters have been living in there for a bit too long. This eco-friendly option uses steam to loosen up the gunk. Just add some vinegar and water, microwave for seven minutes, and wipe it out.

    27. A peel-and-stick faux-gel tile backsplash guaranteed to transform the look of your kitchen. It's flexible, humidity-resistant, and allows you to easily upgrade your kitchen all by yourself.

    28. A set of cleaning K-Cups, because your Keurig is likely holding on to some gross residue and old grinds. This will clean it out, which will help give your coffee a better taste and lengthen the life of your machine.

    29. A foaming garbage disposal cleaner so you won't smell a yucky, rotting aroma every time you go to do the dishes.