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    23 Things A "Fresh Prince" Fan Will Def Do The Carlton Dance Over

    Now, this is a story all about how my wallet got flipped-turned upside down. 🎶

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    1. A "Philadelphia Born & Raised" hat so you can rep the hometown of the Prince. It looks almost exactly like the one Will wore in the series intro. (Bonus points if you're actually from Philly!)

    yellow and blue baseball-style cap that says "Philadelphia born and raised" on the front

    2. A cozy sweatshirt featuring the Fresh Prince cast in cartoon form that just made me realize how incredible the show would be in animation (in addition to the original of course). Anyone want to sign a petition to reboot the show as a cartoon??

    the black sweatshirt with the Fresh Prince cast as cartoons on it and the Fresh Prince logo

    3. A trivia party game to test your knowledge of the sitcom and see who in your family or friend group deserves the ~fresh crown~. 👑

    the fresh prince trivia party game

    4. A Banks sisters T-shirt featuring Hilary and Ashley in one of their most well-recognized photos. Still wondering if they're willing to adopt me as the third Banks sister?

    two models wearing a gray T-shirt with a picture of Ashley and Hilary on the front

    5. A "Fresh" replica prop license plate to ~jazz~ up your car — just add some dice in the mirror and you're good to go.

    6. A holographic sticker of Alfonso Ribeiro doing his famous "Carlton dance" that'll no doubt make you want to practice doing it yourself every time you see it on your water bottle or laptop. Pro tip: If you feel silly doing it, you're probably doing it right!

    the holographic sticker of Carlton doing his popular dance

    7. A sheet of wrapping paper featuring illustrations of Will and Carlton to make your next gift that much ~fresher~. You can even add a matching card!

    8. A logo hoodie perfect for your next Fresh Prince binge session. All you you need now is snacks and a buddy to laugh with (even if it is just your dog).

    the hoodie in burgundy featuring the green and pink Fresh Prince logo

    9. An embroidered patch of the Fresh Prince logo so you can iron it on to your fave denim jacket and proudly show your love of this '90s sitcom masterpiece. Nothing says "I'm fresh" quite like a patch that literally says "fresh."

    the green, pink, and blue logo patch that says The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    10. A Will Smith or DJ Jazzy Jeff plush toy so you can start your kid's love of the show at a young age. No kids? No problem, you know you wanted this for yourself anyway.

    fresh prince and jazzy jeff plush toys

    11. A Will Smith enamel pin to add to your collection — this is sure to be dopest pin of them all.

    pin of will smith

    12. An illustrated print (featuring the original Aunt Viv) you can frame in your home and pretend it's an actual family portrait. I mean, who didn't want to live in that house and have Geoffrey there to clean up after you??

    the print features faceless illustrations of will, aunt viv, uncle phil, carlton, hilary, ashley, and geoffrey

    13. A coffee mug with a few lines from (in my opinion) the BEST sitcom theme song of all time! Now you can sip on your tea or coffee while relaxin' all cool and shootin' some b-ball outside the school — or, ya know, just chillin' out on the couch.

    the coffee mug reads "chillin' out, maxin, relaxin' all cool" in multicolor letters

    14. Or a Hilary Banks mug because the ✨true icon✨ of '90s fashion deserves some respect!

    the mug with an illustration of hilary banks on it

    15. An HBO Max subscription so you can watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air right NOW — enjoy all six seasons of the jokes, dancing, drama, and fashion. Plus, you'll also be able to watch the show's 30th anniversary reunion episode!

    the fresh prince of bel-air series banner

    16. Or the complete DVD set that'll make it easy for you to watch the series over and over again! This is the perfect option for anyone who doesn't want another streaming service — or doesn't want to worry about the show one day disappearing from said streaming service when you still have two seasons left to get through (we've all been there).

    17. A pair of Retro Air Jordan 5 sneakers in the "Alternate Bel-Air" colorway so you can rock some fly kicks inspired by the man who made many of us want to up our sneaker game.

    the jordan 5 sneakers in white with purple, pink, green, blue, and black details

    18. And a matching Bel-Air mesh jersey so you can feel absolutely freshhh to deathhh in your '90s-inspired colors, while still being comfy.

    19. A graphic sweatshirt featuring a very '90s photo of Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff that'll go great with pretty much any jeans and sneakers in your closet.

    model wearing the gray sweatshirt with a black and white image of Will and Jazz on the front

    20. Fresh Princess by Denene Millner — a children's book inspired by The Fresh Prince, but with a fun new twist about a little girl who moves to a new neighborhood. This sweet story is meant to encourage kids to proudly stand out and be themselves.

    the cover of Fresh Princess

    21. A sticker set featuring two of Will's most memorable fashion moments, one of him and Carlton, and one of him hugging Uncle Phil. Uhhg, just seeing that sticker makes me want to tear up! RIP Uncle Phil. 💔

    the four stickers featuring two of Will, one of him and carlton, and one of him hugging uncle phil

    22. A limited edition crate perfect for any Fresh Prince super fan so you can get a variety of dope curated merch all at once. From notebooks to a fanny pack to limited edition pins, you can't go wrong with either option!

    23. And a coaster set featuring a beautiful portrait of the royal family — um, I mean the Banks family — to add the perfect conversation starter to your coffee table.

    four coasters featuring an illustrated portrait of the whole banks family on a tan background

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