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    52 Of The Best Father's Day Gifts To Give This Year

    Whether your dad likes to cook, spend time outdoors, learn new skills, or relax in front of the TV, we have a gift for him.

    1. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey, because he'll love to add some of this sweet-heat chili pepper-infused honey to his pizza, wings, tea, cocktails, and more!

    Mikes Hot Honey being poured on a spread of meat, bread, and cheese

    2. A jerky gift box so he can try a handful of yummy new protein-packed snacks.

    A gift box containing the different kinds of jerky

    3. A Legacybox Digitizing Kit, which will take old film or home movies and convert them into digital downloads. Dad will probably tear up when he receives a digital copy of those old VHS home movies he hasn't been able to watch in years.

    A box containing an old camera, film, postcards,

    4. A movie scratch-off poster for the dad who loves a good movie night. You two can bond while debating over the classics.

    The movie scratch-off poster

    5. A pair of fish sandals sure to give him a good laugh — they're perfect for a dad who loves to fish (and loves to embarrass the family). 🐟

    6. A sous vide that'll allow him to control the exact time and temperature that his meat cooks, so it can be perfectly prepared to his liking.

    A reviewer using the sous vide in a pot of water to cook fish

    7. A Victrola record player so he can jam out to his old records that have been collecting dust in the basement.

    A record player playing Meet the Beatles

    8. A Lifestraw personal water filter perfect if he likes to go camping or hiking because he'll never have to worry about running out of fresh, clean water.

    A reviewer drinking out of a lake with the Lifestraw

    9. An Echo Dot for the busy dad who could really use a personal assistant. With this device, Alexa can tell him when his next appointment is, play his fave song, set alarms, and more.

    10. A set of Bear Paws shredder claws for the next time he BBQs so he can easily lift, handle, shred, and cut the meat perfectly.

    11. A copy of Dad Jokes guaranteed to give any father (and the family) a good chuckle.

    Cover of Dad Jokes

    12. An Atlas Coffee Club subscription so he can have fresh coffee delivered to his door every few weeks. He'll get to try new brews from all around the world — a coffee lover's dream!

    13. And a Yeti Rambler mug that keeps coffee hot for a super long time with double-wall vacuum insulation, so he'll almost never have to deal with sipping cold coffee again.

    A man in the snowy outdoors is in a parka and drinking from a white Yeti mug

    14. A 32 oz. Nalgene water bottle to help him stay hydrated whether he is working out, spending time outdoors, or even just hanging out — gotta stay hydrated at all times! This baby is durable, leak-proof, and doesn't get that funky smell that many other plastic water bottles do.

    A green water bottle with a cream cap with the REI logo on it

    15. A custom skincare set that comes with four products (made with personalized ingredients) so he can turn his daily grooming routine into a customized spa-like experience.

    A face wash, face cream, night cream, and eye cream on a bathroom sink

    16. A pair of wireless over-ear headphones for him to zone out the rest of the family while he listens to his favorite podcast.

    A model wearing the headphones in black and red

    17. A simple Levi's logo zip hoodie that's versatile and makes the perfect layering piece for chill weekends.

    18. A whiskey wedge and glass to prevent his evening glass of Bourbon from getting all watered down and losing its taste.

    A hand holding the whiskey glass

    19. Some matching nautical-style father and son swim trunks for the cutest poolside photo op.

    20. A guitar pick that'll make a sweet gift for a dad who really ~rocks~.

    A hand holding the guitar pick that reads: I couldn't pick a better dad

    21. A nice Polo shirt that he can wear any day of the week and feel put-together whether he's working or grilling in the backyard.

    22. A Squatty Potty to help make every visit to his throne a successful one.

    The squatty potty in front of a toilet

    23. A pair of sleek Nisolo sneakers that'll probably be his new favorite pair of kicks. They're made of high-quality leather and can be easily dressed up or down.

    24. A ~super~ awesome crewneck t-shirt to show your dad that he's your hero.

    25. A fill-in-the-blank book that'll definitely get dad all in his feelings after he sees all the sweet things you have to say about him.

    Person holding the book titled What I Love About Dad by Me

    26. A pair of extended crew dress socks, because a guy can never have too many comfy socks! Especially ones without holes or stains.

    The crew socks in navy shown on feet

    27. Rosetta Stone Language Software perfect for a dad who always says he wants to learn a new language but never found the time to do it.

    28. A Friday Night Football–inspired candle that'll surely make him feel nostalgic about his good old high school football days.

    29. A set of LED lightsaber chopsticks perfect for the dad who is responsible for introducing you to Star Wars.

    Lightsaber chopsticks in red and blue held over a bowl of rice

    30. A pair of L.L. Bean "Wicked Good" moccasins with a shearling lining that are durable, cozy, and moisture-wicking — he'll never want to take them off.

    The moccasins

    31. A Swiss Army knife to keep him prepared for anything from a loose thread to a hangnail.

    A Swiss Army knife attached to keys

    32. A pair of glow-in-the-dark running armbands for his early morning or nighttime jogs. They'll provide some extra visibility while outside in the dark, because safety first!

    33. A leather portfolio to help keep all of his business essentials organized and easy to carry around with him.

    The portfolio has pockets, pen holders, card slots, and a three-ring binder

    34. A front pocket leather wallet with a curved design and RFID blockers stitched in so he can carry around his cards and cash comfortably and safely.

    The curved wallet being put in a pocket

    35. A hot sauce making kit that includes enough ingredients to make seven bottles. Dad will definitely have fun creating his own concoctions and then proudly having the family test them out.

    36. A luxe sleep shirt with integrated moisture-wicking zones that'll keep him nice and cool throughout the night so he can sleep better and not wake up in a pile of sweat.

    Model wearing the sleep shirt

    37. A cozy blanket sweatshirt that'll quickly become his new daily at-home attire. The inside is lined with sherpa, it has a hood, and it allows you to move freely without sacrificing a bit of comfiness.

    38. A thermoelectric mini fridge cooler and warmer with a built-in bluetooth speaker, small enough to fit in a car or on a desk. Pops will totally enjoy having a convenient place to store snacks and cans of soda or beer.

    39. An LOL-worthy tortilla throw blanket to give to a dad with a good sense of humor. He'll totally love curling up in this thing on the couch like an *actual* burrito. 🌯

    40. A 16-color toilet nightlight so he can use the bathroom in peace in the middle of the night without stubbing his toe or waking up the whole house.

    The toilet light glowing in all different colors

    41. A Philips Norelco electric shaver he can use to comfortably shave wet or dry. It comes with a pop-up trimmer and cleaning brush and is great for anyone who loves a practical gift.

    42. A smart reusable notebook perfect for someone whose always writing and going through hundreds of notebooks. This environmentally-friendly dotted grid notebook can be used endlessly by simply wiping it clean with a damp cloth! And he can store his notes quickly and easily with an app.

    43. A parachute hammock with two tree straps for enjoying some sunshine in the backyard or taking with him on his next camping trip.

    A reviewer photo of the hammock in blue tied to two trees in a yard