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    36 Effective Beauty Products That You'll Want To Recommend To All Your Friends

    And they'll be so grateful you did.

    1. An easy-to-use guide wand and eyeliner duo to make eyeliner application a breeze! The wand is easy to hold and steadies the hand so you can pull off fierce eye looks like a pro — even when you're in a rush!

    2. A jar of O'Keeffe's hand cream that'll really come in ~handy~ to repair painful blisters and cracked skin.

    A before-and-after of a very dry hand with many cracks and small cuts compared to a much softer and smoother looking hand with only a couple small dry spots left

    3. A tube of The Lip Bar's three-in-one tinted skin conditioner designed to hydrate your skin like a moisturizer, smooth your complexion, and add protection from the sun with SPF 11. It's so easy to use, it'll be your new one-and-done beauty fave.

    before and afters of two models with deep brown skin wearing the foundation

    4. A bottle of sulfate-free biotin shampoo infused with tea tree, jojoba, and argan oils that can help with hair loss and prevent dandruff.

    A before-and-after of a reviewer with a lot of hair loss on top of their head compared to a much fuller head of hair

    5. First Aid Beauty's KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub Exfoliant to help get rid of any rough or bumpy skin patches that you've been trying to smooth out. Reviewers with keratosis pilaris swear by this! 

    The tube of scrub
    reviewer's before and after of their arm that's been treated with the product

    Promising review: "I saw a dermatologist recommend this on TikTok and figured I’d give it a try. I have had red bumps on the back of my arms for as long as I can remember and have tried multiple things so I didn’t have very high expectations. After one use, I could already see a difference! It says to use one to two times a week but I use it usually every other day, and I use CeraVe rough and bumpy lotion after and now my red bumps are almost nonexistent. This product has truly been life changing and I would recommend it to anyone struggling with red bumps! 10/10!" —Sidney H.

    Get it from Amazon for $12+ (available in three sizes and one bundle). 

    6. A bottle of nail and cuticle care oil that'll take your nails from frail and peeling to smooth and healthy. It uses a natural blend of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E to soften your cuticles and strengthen your nails.

    A before-and-after of a reviewer's peeling, split nails compared to their now even and non-peeling nails

    7. A multitasking face oil you can use twice daily to help combat inflammation, even the color of your skin, and add some hydration thanks to a dream team combination of jojoba oil, tea tree, argan oil, and vitamin E.

    Before and after showing the oil helped get rid of user's red, irritated cheek breakouts

    8. A unique handmade face wand designed to stimulate circulation and blood flow in your face, which can help with headaches, stress, muscle tension, and more.

    9. A hair repair serum for transforming dry, damaged hair into soft and shiny locks. The mix of aloe and argan oils should help de-frizz your mane and improve split ends.

    A before-and-after of a reviewer with dry, damaged hair and split ends compared to much healthier and smoother looking hair after using the serum

    10. A teeth-whitening pen to help you remove stains on your teeth caused by coffee, soda, smoking, and more. Simply twist the bottom of the pen, apply using the soft brush tip, and let it sit for one minute. "Alexa, play 'My Shiny Teeth and Me' by Chip Skylark."

    reviewer's before and after pics of their teeth with some yellow-brown stains next to them looking noticeably whiter and less stained after using the pen

    11. A breathable and adjustable satin-lined sleeping cap so you can protect your natural hair while sleeping or lounging, without any discomfort. It's even cute enough to wear while out and about if you just don't feel like doing your hair that day.

    model wearing the cotton cap in dark gray

    12. A silicone- and paraben-free L’Oréal lamellar hair treatment that'll help give you silky, shiny locks in eight seconds flat! It uses moisturizing agents and amino acids to target damaged areas of your hair and smooth it without weighing it down.

    13. A Revlon oil-absorbing face roller made of real volcanic stone that'll instantly soak up excess oil. It's reusable, washable, and perfect for on the go!

    reviewer's oily forehead before using the face roller compared to it looking much more matte after using it

    14. Or a pack of oil blotting tissues that are made with natural bamboo charcoal to help eliminate that forehead oiliness that seems to never leave your face.

    reviewer's blotting tissue with a lot of oil on it

    15. Luv Scrub mesh body exfoliators, because they can be used to cleanse, exfoliate, and assist in getting rid of ingrown hairs. This makes it much easier to clean those hard-to-reach places and it'll last up to 18 months before you have to replace it!

    16. A magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit for anyone tired of struggling with adhesive or paying for lash extensions. Simply apply the smudge-proof eyeliner and then pop the lashes on top.

    17. A grapefruit and rose body scrub formulated with Mediterranean sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, and mango butter for a combination that both smells great and leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Pamper yourself with this relaxing treat two to three times per week.

    the packet of body scrub with some poured out on a table

    18. A self-warming pumpkin pore detox mask and scrub by Urban Skin Rx to help improve uneven skin tone and rid pores of bacteria and congestion by using a combination of pumpkin fruit extract, vitamin E, silver, and exfoliating jojoba beads.

    19. An exfoliating peeling foot mask that'll remove all the dead skin from your feet and make them feel softer than ever. Plus, it uses all-natural ingredients and botanical extracts.

    reviewer's peeling feet

    20. A pack of dissolving microneedle eye patches that actually melt down into the surface layers of the skin to fade the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help eliminate dryness.

    21. A set of Schick Silk dermaplaning razors for gently removing peach fuzz and dirt from your face and making it feel smooth as a baby's bottom.

    A reviewer's before-and-after of showing clumps of dead skin and peach fuzz that was shaved from their face

    22. A bottle of Bio-Oil to help make scars and marks vanish before your eyes. It's formulated with vitamins A and E and chamomile, sunflower, and lavender oils for an anti-inflammatory combination that works for all skin types.

    Reviewer before and after photo using bio oil to help get rid of a scar

    23. A skin spatula that uses high-frequency vibration to remove dirt and grease from your pores. It also comes with two silicone covers to assist with cleaning and tightening your skin.

    24. A pack of Skin1004's Zombie masks meant to minimize fine lines and the appearance of pores by gently removing dead skin cells and hydrating your skin. It uses natural ingredients, including egg white and aloe vera extract, to get the job done.

    Reviewer before and after showing the mask made their skin look tighter and reduced the appearance of some wrinkles

    25. A coconut shea curl-defining crème perfect for those of us who like to just throw a product in our natural hair and go. The medium-hold styler leaves curls looking soft and bouncy. And the ingredients, which include coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe vera, help to protect hair against protein loss.

    26. A beloved vitamin C serum with more than 50,000 5-star reviews — it's made with a plant-based formula and antioxidants, including botanical hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, witch hazel, and jojoba oil to help brighten and firm skin and leave you feeling like you just got a professional facial.

    reviewer's before-and-after of having a smoother and more even complexion after using

    27. A set of five creamy, highly pigmented eyeliners that'll stay on all day long. They're made with aloe vera extract and vitamin E so they're moisturizing — and they're the perfect excuse to start trying a ton of new beauty looks.

    28. A pack of acne patches formulated with hydrocolloid dressing, tea tree oil, calendula oil, and cica to suck the gunk right out of your zits and help them fade away overnight.

    29. A makeup-erasing cloth so you don't have to spend forever scrubbing your face off and irritating your skin at night.

    A BuzzFeed Shopping writer using the cloth to easily wipe off her makeup

    30. A purple shampoo that'll tone down the yellow hues in blonde hair so you can get the color you want without extra (expensive) trips to the salon.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of their hair looking yellow and brassy compared to it looking much more smooth and light blonde

    31. A banana and coconut superfood conditioner — it uses nourishing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help add moisture and support healthy hair. Bonus: Reviewers LOVE the way it smells. 🍌🥥

    32. A hair-finishing stick made of natural plant-based ingredients that can help turn that slept-in bun into a perfectly presentable hairstyle in seconds.

    33. Or an edge control gel that'll help lay edges and baby hairs for a sleek look without the flaking and residue.

    34. A lightweight multipurpose oil infused with pure coffee seed and castor oil that'll moisturize the hair and scalp, while also giving it a glossy, smooth look and promoting hair growth.

    35. A highly rated microfiber hair towel that is honestly the best one I've ever used. It's thick, soft, and stays in place — perfect for helping your hair dry *fast* without the added heat. Plus, the microfiber material won't make your hair frizzy like regular towels do.

    36. And an orange vanilla conditioning detangler spray made with vegan, plant-based ingredients to make after shower brushing a whole lot less painful and time consuming.

    reviewer holding the spray bottle

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.