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    35 Easy Ways To Be A More Organized Person

    From decluttering to budgeting, you'll feel so refreshed after trying these tips.

    1. Use a meal-planning and grocery list pad to keep a running list of what you need. It will make grocery shopping and meal prep a lot easier and help you avoid walking aimlessly down the store aisles, trying to remember what you're out of.

    2. Start keeping a color-coded Google Calendar so you never forget meetings, bills, plans, appointments, etc. You can even get reminders that pop up on your phone or desktop.

    screenshot of BuzzFeed editor's google calendar

    3. Or opt for a physical planner. The Simple Elephant agenda has undated pages so you can start, stop, and pick up again whenever you need to. It has tools for you to visualize your goals, organize your thoughts, and really decide what you want to focus on.

    4. Clean out your vanity, makeup bag, and bathroom beauty products so you're no longer holding on to five tubes of expired mascara. Here's a chart to help you figure out what expired products you may be hoarding:

    a chart that shows when certain beauty products expire

    5. And get a rotating makeup organizer to keep your daily beauty products easily accessible, as opposed to spread across your bathroom counter.

    reviewer's rotating organizer in white on a counter, filled with makeup and skincare products

    6. Swap out your bulky plastic hangers for a uniform pack of velvet hangers. They allow you to fit more into your closet, they look more tidy, and you won't have to worry about all of your shirts sliding off.

    reviewer's before and after of their closet fitting much more clothing items after switching to the thin velvet hangers

    7. And add a set of clothing dividers — they'll save you time and energy on digging through your entire closet just to find that one leather jacket.

    the dividers labeled jackets, skirts, dress shirts, and T-shirts being used to separate clothes on a clothing rod

    8. Hang a wall-mounted mail sorter near the front door so you always have a place to put the mail and keep any important bills or documents at top of mind. This sorter also has small hooks so your keys also have a designated spot, making them easier to keep track of.

    9. Invest in some vacuum-sealed pop containers so you can organize your cereal, flour, snacks, and more in a neat and visual way that'll also keep them nice and fresh.

    10. Untangle and sort through all of your jewelry, then get a jewelry organizer to display your favorite pieces. It'll look like chic decor on your wall, make everything easier to grab and go, and keep your necklaces and bracelets from getting all tangled up again.

    different necklaces, earrings, and bracelets hanging on the wooden wall-mounted organizer

    11. You can also use ice cube trays to keep your earrings paired and visible. Then just tuck the trays away in a drawer if you have the space.

    white ice cube tray being used to sort earrings

    12. Start keeping important paperwork in an expanding file folder. The pockets will help organize all of the annoying papers that always seem to end up in piles on the counter. This way you can keep track of receipts, bills, contracts, etc.

    a stack of the file folders in various colors, including pink, blue, yellow, green, and more — they have a snap closure and a small smiley face neat the snap

    13. Get some drawer organizers that'll keep your socks paired and prevent your bras from getting crushed and damaged.

    reviewer's dresser drawer with the organizers neatly holding their rolled underwear, socks, and bras

    14. Or use an empty shoebox to separate your socks, tights, and undies.

    folded socks in a shoe box, in a drawer

    15. Clean out your fridge and toss everything that is no longer safe to consume.

    16. After your fridge is cleaned out, use a set of custom labels to organize it. This will help you know exactly where to look for condiments, drinks, produce, etc., instead of rummaging through and pushing things around.

    17. Use an electronics accessory organizer to keep track of all of your chargers, batteries, and earbuds. It's made of waterproof nylon to keep everything untangled, undamaged, and easy to find.

    reviewer's organizer with different rolled up cords and plugs inside of the compartments

    18. Tidy up closet shelves by using clear shelf dividers for separating folded sweaters, pants, towels, books, and more so they're not falling all over each other into a big jumbled mess.

    19. Create your own beauty or craft station by using a three-tier storage cart to organize your items. It'll keep your supplies in one spot and it can be easily moved around the house.

    reviewer's cart in teal filled with paint supplies

    20. Invest in clear drop-front shoeboxes that'll make your impressive shoe collection look neat and tidy, while still being able to easily see and access every pair.

    BuzzFeed editor's clear shoe boxes stacked four across and 13 high filled with sneakers in her bedroom

    21. Whip your WFH area into shape by using a desk organizer to keep your desk or table clutter-free and set up for success.

    22. Organize pretty much everything you can by color. It looks great visually and will help you know exactly where to find things. This method works for everything from clothes to books to snacks.

    buzzfeed editor's rack of clothes in rainbow order

    23. Add an extra storage shelf in your closet so you can take advantage of that wasted vertical space. Now you can stack purses, shoes, towels, and more in that empty area above your clothing rod.

    Expandable shelf placed in closet

    24. Clean out your glove box and neatly store any important papers in a handy document case.

    25. Utilize small, awkward spaces throughout the house with slide-out storage shelves. This is especially great for storing and hiding products in the kitchen and laundry room.

    the rolling shelves with bottles, snacks, and cooking supplies on them, being stored between a fridge and a wall

    26. Put a remote control organizer in your living room so you never have to dig through the sofa cushions for the Fire Stick remote ever again.

    reviewers remote organizer with four remotes, a phone, and glasses inside

    27. Clear up some cabinet or closet space by using Command spray bottle hangers to store cleaning products. Just stick them to the wall — they don't require tools and they won't cause any damage to the wall either.

    A reviewer's wall with eight spray bottles each mounted on one of these hangers

    28. Start using a budget planner as a place to record your finances. It has pockets for receipts, a bill tracker, and extra pages to help you plan for holiday spending.

    29. Or try a digital version you can download right on your iPhone or iPad. This chic budget planner can be used to track bills, expenses, debt, and bank info.

    digital budget planning pages in pink and white, which include an expense tracker, monthly planner, budget planner, and monthly calendar view

    30. Ditch the clunky boxes for a convenient tea organizer that'll allow you to see how much of each flavor you have in stock and save on counter or cabinet space.

    31. You can also save some counter space by using a fruit and veggie hammock as opposed to a bowl. It'll keep your fruits and veggies visible, too, so you can (hopefully) remember to eat them before they go bad.

    Fruit in the hammock hanging from some cabinets

    32. When buying new storage products or rearranging your space, ALWAYS measure first. This will ensure that drawers and doors can close properly and everything fits in an orderly fashion. You don't want to deal with the eyesore of a cabinet door that just won't close all the way.

    33. Store any extra blankets or seasonal clothing in waterproof vacuum-sealed space-saving bags so you can shrink down some of the clutter and tuck it away under your bed or in a closet without it looking like a disaster.

    34. Use a 13-pocket purse insert to take your daily tote from a giant black hole to a neatly organized bag of necessities. No more digging through your purse for five minutes just to find your lip balm.

    35. And prevent those hair tools and cords from getting tangled up under the sink by using an over-the-cabinet hair tool organizer.

    The organizer hanging over the inside of a cabinet door. It has three circular compartments, shown holding flat and curling irons and a hair dryer

    Now let's get organized!