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    26 Cleaning Products That Work So Well You'll Probably Always Want To Keep Them Stocked In 2022

    These products will help you have the ✨cleanest✨ year ever.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets that'll make your favorite cups and mugs look brand new again, so you'll actually want to use them without being grossed out.

    A reviewer's photo of a stained mug, then the mug full of sudsy water from the tablet, and finally all of the stains are gone and it look new

    2. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tabs to remove all the grime from inside your machine and stop it from having any weird smells and hidden residue.

    3. A septic-safe jetted tub system cleaner so you can get the junk out of your tub and actually be able to have a nice, relaxing bubble bath.

    4. A drain snake clog remover covered in tiny hooks to grab all of the hair and build-up that's been stopping your sink or tub from draining properly. It's tough, yet flexible so you can get down in there and yank out all the grossness. No more standing in a puddle of dirty water during your shower!

    5. And a TubShroom that'll prevent the hairs from clogging up your pipes in the first place.

    6. A foaming garbage disposal cleaner so you won't smell a yucky, rotting aroma every time you go to do the dishes.

    7. A pack of stainless-steel wipes to keep your kitchen appliances shining bright like a diamond.

    Reviewer showing their dirty sink with cup rings and residue next to their after photo of the sink looking spotless

    8. An oven scrub so you can get rid of the gross crispies and baked-on spills that may or may not have been accumulating since you moved in.

    the jar of scrub
    gif of a hand cleaning an oven with the scrub
    Cleaning Studio / Etsy

    Cleaning Studio is an Etsy shop based in Fairfield, Connecticut that specializes in cleaning products.

    Promising review: "Finally tackled the rings on our stove top with this scrub and a reusable paper towel (as I was worried about using a scourer on an easily scratched surface) and the rings came right off! These are those 'oh, crap, the pot boiled over' rings that I ignored that lead to my stove top looking a bit crusty. The oven scrub ate them right off and left my oven and stove top looking great." —Jessie Bono

    Get it from Cleaning Studio on Etsy for $19.99+ (available in plastic or glass jar).

    9. A makeup brush shampoo, because let's face it, your brushes are probably in need of a really good cleaning! Not only does this soap visibly show results, but it is also paraben-, phthalate-, and petroleum-free with no perfume, so you don't have to worry about it irritating your skin.

    Reviewer showing their dirty brushes, stained from makeup, next to an after photo of clean brushes that have returned to their original color

    10. A bottle of wood polish and conditioner to transform your old, worn-down furniture into a dazzling new focal point of your room.

    11. A multipurpose cleaner formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients. Use it to boost your laundry detergent, get out stains on clothes and carpets, tidy surfaces, and more. It'll have your home looking and smelling lovely.

    three bottles of the cleaner in scents frankincense and myrth, sandalwood, and nag champa

    12. A rust stain remover that'll get rid of the unappealing rust that's holding your bathroom back from being #goals.

    13. A carpet cleaning and deodorizing solution to add to your carpet cleaner and make all of those odors and stains from your furry friend disappear.

    Reviewer's carpet with a clear line between the clean, beige part and the dingy, stained part

    14. A carpet and upholstery stain remover for finally getting rid of that big wine stain in the middle of your living room carpet.

    15. A car-cleaning spray so you no longer have to be embarrassed by your filthy car. This multi-purpose cleaner can work on upholstery, fabric, canvas, leather, plastic, rubber, and more!

    16. A jewelry cleaning pen that'll restore your bling and have it looking like it did when you first got it. It's super easy to use and it won't harm your jewelry.

    Reviewer's photo of a cloudy diamond ring next to an after photo of a much more clear, defined, and shiny ring

    17. A nontoxic leather cleaner and conditioner you can use to help remove dirt, oil, tough stains, and grime from your furniture, car seats, and even your leather accessories.

    18. Some laundry fizzing tablets that work to soften the water and fabric in order to help remove tough stains and reduce odors from your clothes. They're unscented, sulfate-free, and phosphate-free.

    19. A pumice cleaning stone you will want to keep your bathroom clean of hard water stains and other buildup — no one enjoys sitting on a yucky toilet.

    20. Or a pack of toilet fizzing bombs, which are basically bath bombs for your toilet. Just drop one in, swish the water around with a toilet brush, wait about five minutes, then scrub and flush.

    the toilet bombs
    Juniperseed Merc / Etsy

    Juniperseed Merc is a woman-owned business based in Colorado. The founder is a teacher and mother who makes most of the product herself, offering a variety of earth-friendly cleaning and beauty products.

    Promising review: "Love the size and action these generate in the toilet. The fuzzies are extremely hefty and of good quality. I will certainly be buying more." —Aundrey

    Get a pack of eight from Juniperseed Merc on Etsy for $10.

    21. A heavy-duty grout cleaner to help you remove product residue, dirt, and stains from your ceramic or porcelain tile floor.

    22. A Dawn Platinum Powerwash dish spray starter kit you can conveniently spray over your dishes and then easily wipe away the grease and other food residue, without having to do a ton of scrubbing.

    The Dawn Powerwash being sprayed on a sink full of dishes

    23. A multi-surface everyday spray cleaner so you can spritz the bathroom between deep cleanings for a fresh, clean scent that'll take care of any unwanted bathroom odors, while also removing dirt. Plus, Mrs. Meyer's products are cruelty-free.

    The Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface spray cleaner

    24. A walnut scrubber sponge for an eco-friendly upgrade from your gross old sponges. It's designed to conquer tough cleaning jobs on dishes, countertops, and more. Plus, it's hypoallergenic and plant-based (meaning it doesn't contain harmful toxins).

    the walnut scrubber sponge

    25. A sneaker cleaner that'll take even your most rough looking pair of shoes and help them become presentable again. It even comes with a brush for scrubbing the dirt away.

    26. And a hard water stain-remover so your faucet can be truly spotless for pretty much the first time ever.

    Reviewer's before-and-after picture of their shower faucet with hard water stains and then totally clean

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