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    36 Of The Best Products For College Students You Can Get On Amazon

    These things will ensure that your college days are the best days!

    1. A pair of quick-drying shower sandals and a seven-pocket shower caddy, because having a communal bathroom definitely isn't the most exciting part about college — but at least these will help you feel better about it.

    2. A super cute doorstop to welcome your new friends into your room and put a smile on anyone's face who sees it.

    3. A highly effective and bendable book lamp so you can do some late night cramming without disturbing your roommate.

    4. A Tarot tapestry that comes in three different designs and sizes to give your dorm a mystical and mysterious vibe.

    5. A daily planner to help you set goals, keep track of tasks, stay motivated, and keep your plans in order. Trust me, you don't want to accidentally mix up a presentation date or forget about a quiz.

    6. A Fujifilm Instax Mini camera and a string of lights with clips so you can capture every memorable moment with your friends and hang them above your bed as the perfect decor piece.

    7. A notebook you can simply fill in according to the universal note taking system, and a set of colorful feather pens to make all that writing a little more enjoyable.

    8. A white noise machine, because it won't always be easy to sleep through the parties down the hall when you have a test at 9 a.m.

    9. And a sleep mask and ear plug set that'll block out both the light and the noise on a budget when your roommate stumbles in during the middle of the night.

    10. A microwave friendly-coffee maker that'll help you pull those inevitable all-nighters when you're cramming for an exam and the trendy coffee shop on campus isn't open 24 hours.

    11. And an insulated tumbler (that comes with two metal straws) guaranteed to keep your coffee hot or cold while you're walking to your first class of the day and you just really need that extra pick-me-up.

    12. A bed riser featuring built-in outlets and USB ports so you can charge your phone next to your bed without the struggle of reaching to find the outlet behind your headboard for a good 15 minutes. Plus, the lift these will give your bed means more room for storage. Yay!

    13. And a set of six clear storage bins that'll hide away your extra fuzzy blankets and your puffy coat until winter.

    14. An investment-worthy Kindle Paperwhite that'll save you so much money and space in the long run! Think about it, you can get electronic books (including text books) for MUCH cheaper and you won't have to worry about carrying multiple five-pound books around campus.

    15. A powerful and all-natural foot/shoe deodorizer, because you (and your roommate) really don't want to be engulfed in a terrorizing oder while you're trying to relax after a long day.

    16. A cordless lighted mirror so you can do your makeup perfectly before heading out to a party.

    17. An essential oil diffuser and set of essential oils perfect for making your room feel extra relaxing, while also masking the smell of the pizza you've ordered for the last three nights in a row.

    18. A portable charger (with a built-in flash light!) that can charge one phone over five times. You'll never have to worry about your phone dying while you're trying to pull up directions home again — plus, having it around will definitely make you popular with your friends.

    19. A stylish storage ottoman or bench to give your bestie a place to sit when she comes over and also give you a place to store your half-full notebooks, extra phone chargers, and Hot Cheetos that you don't want your roommate stealing.

    20. A 50-count snack pack, because these chips and cookies are really going to come in handy when it's late at night and you're craving something other than ramen noodles.

    21. A secular saint Frida candle that'll definitely bring you some positive energy while you're stressing over that upcoming chem test.

    22. A small but mighty two-speed fan to save you from hot nights when it's just too stuffy in your dorm to get a good night's rest.

    23. A retro-style mini fridge that'll hold your fave snacks and soda for when you're in need of a little ~chill~ time.

    24. A hooded striped robe perfect for lounging around after the shower, while you're scrolling through Instagram and procrastinating getting ready (it's okay, we all do it).

    25. A set of four drawer organizers to make getting dressed in a hurry *SO* much easier. Never search through messy piles for a nude pair of underwear again!

    26. A hypoallergenic comforter set (in many color options to fit your aesthetic) and a supportive plush bed rest pillow that'll seriously make you never want to leave your bed.

    27. And a bedside organizer that'll keep your daily items within reach, because trust me, I've lost my glasses in the bed way too many times.

    28. A laundry bundle so you can impress your parents and show them that you do indeed know how to do your own laundry.

    29. An amazing frisbee game for beautiful days when you and your friends are sick of homework and have earned some much needed fresh air.

    30. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker who is ready to blast some Lizzo while you and your girls prepare to look ~good as hell~ for a night out.

    31. A pair of high quality wireless noise-cancelling headphones so you can zone out all distractions while you're working. You can also use them for hands-free phone calls when you're walking around campus.

    32. And a pair of budget-friendly headphones (in seven colors!) because they'll cancel out some noise, while leaving you a little extra money in your pocket to spend on snacks.

    33. A precious little planter available in all different animals to help you deal with the separation anxiety you're having from your fur baby back home.

    34. A wireless smart printer so you can print that 25-page essay last minute from the comfort of your dorm instead of rushing to the school library and waiting in line for an eternity.

    35. An Echo Spot to act as your personal assistant when you're so busy that you feel you're going to explode. It can check the weather, play some jams, and even request an Uber.

    36. And a big jar of Nutella. This good ol' friend is going to get you through many, MANY meltdowns.

    You killin' it in college because you were ultra prepared:

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