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    25 Planners For 2021 To Help You Have Your Most Organized Year Yet

    New year, new you. It's time to *actually* get organized.

    Note: All planners are 12-month unless otherwise stated — i.e., undated, three months, etc.

    1. A Simple Elephant agenda with undated pages so you can start, stop, and pick up again whenever you need to. It has tools for you to visualize your goals, organize your thoughts, and really decide what you want to focus on this year.

    2. A Bookfactory weekly pocket organizer small enough to always keep with you, whether you're rushing to appointments, meetings, etc.

    3. A vibrant Bando planner guaranteed to inspire you to be more productive throughout the year. It features undated pages that are organized into sections for your daily schedule, priorities, to-do lists, and shopping lists — basically everything you need in one place.

    4. A gorgeous marbled Bloom Daily Planners organizer to help you set goals and track them, make a vision board, create and track new habits, and more.

    The planner has a pink, blue, and gold marble print and says "twenty twenty one" on the cover. The inside has both monthly and weekly views.

    5. A 13-week BestSelf Co. planner designed to give you more space than a yearly planner so you can really plan every little detail your heart desires.

    6. A petal pink planner designed by artist Kelly Ventura for Target that's simple and effective in keeping your day-to-day life and future goals organized.

    7. A straight-forward academic planner that doesn't have all the extra fluff, just the basic monthly and weekly layouts to keep your mind clear and your schedule organized.

    8. A popular undated Panda Planner so you don't have to get stressed over missing a few weeks. It has sections to write down your goals and reflect on your wins throughout the year.

    9. A hyper detailed Full Focus Planner to help you outline your "daily big three" tasks and make those hefty to-do lists more manageable on a daily basis, while also giving you space to check-in and reflect every week.

    10. An undated cactus printed daily planner journal perfect for detail-oriented people who want to jot stuff down every single day and have the space to get as descriptive as they please.

    11. An Amazon Basics Daily Planner that comes undated so that you can arrange your calendar how you see fit.

    12. A rugged faux-leather Day-Timer planner, because sometimes you want to feel like Indiana Jones and seize the day and this planner adds the right amount of ~aesthetic~.

    The cover of the planner

    13. A non-dated LiveWhale planner to really help you keep those brain juices flowing with habit trackers, budget trackers, daily goal countdowns, and (the best part) special pages for "brain dumps."

    14. A polka dot Petite planner, because it's compact, comes with a pretty gold pen, and is perfect for writing down your tasks on-the-go.

    The cover of the petite planner

    15. A Happy Planner sure to make you feel optimistic this year with it's cute, inspirational artwork and functional page designs.

    16. A simple and elegant faux leather Lemome planner with a pen holder and inner pocket so you can easily have what you need on you at all times. Use it to write notes, remember upcoming plans, keep special dates at top of mind, and more.

    17. A pretty floral planner for you to keep everything from contacts to cards to birthdays in one sturdy and stylish package.

    18. A budget planner with over 300 stickers and colorful details throughout that'll help you put your best foot forward when it comes to organizing your finances.

    The budget planner

    19. A luxe Kate Spade planner that any fashionista will surely appreciate. Its trendy yet elegant vibe is what you would expect from the fashion brand, complete with gold stickers and tons of space for jotting down life's celebrations.

    The Kate Spade planner

    20. A colorful Vera Bradly planner complete with monthly and weekly spreads, room for notes, and laminated tabs that'll no doubt have you ready to conquer a busy year.

    21. A leopard-designed planner for those most of sheer sophistication. It looks like a normal hard cover book, but it's really your planner.

    22. A pretty and symbolic planner perfect for those in touch with their astrological-awakening who want something a little more edgy than floral prints.

    The planner

    23. A super cute Orange Circle Studio planner with a splash of flowers on the cover ideal for someone who wants to dip their toe into bullet journaling — it has guided trackers for tasks, goals, and spending.

    24. A Clever Fox Planner that's very intricate but is a beast at getting your head and life organized.

    The Clever Fox planner

    25. A marble-print planner that's as eye-catching as it is neat and organized. It even comes with stickers, and like, say less.

    Whenever anyone asks you to hang out:

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