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    28 Bedroom Organization Products You Need For Your Dorm Room

    Dorm rooms are notoriously tight on space, but we found everything you need to keep it both tidy for your sanity and aesthetically pleasing for the 'gram.

    1. A set of foldable storage bins for when you oversleep for class. Just tug one out from underneath your bed and grab some leggings.

    2. And if you're wondering how to stack those storage bins without it looking like a hot mess, a set of cube grid wire storage shelves to keep everything in place.

    3. A convenient bedside caddy for when you don't have space for a nightstand, but you still need a place for your glasses, Kindle, and journal. You can easily attach it to the side of any bed, bunk, or table with two pairs of hook and loop fasteners.

    4. A pack of space saving hangers so you can fit all those snazzy new back-to-school clothes in your closet. Just slot in up to five hangers and drop one side so it cascades down and ... *BAM*! You just saved SO much closet space!

    5. A mesh desk organizer that will help keep your desk clutter-free and set up for success. You can store holographic folders in the upper slots to hold assignments and fill the lower compartments with a marble notebook, emoji push pins, and more fun stuff!

    6. A four-tier storage cart that can hold everything from bathroom toiletries to makeup products to snacks.

    7. A hanging laundry bag so you don't have to waste floor space on a large hamper.

    8. A set of drawer organizers to keep your undergarments in order because mom won't be there to find your lucky underwear or favorite socks!

    9. A rotating makeup organizer that'll keep all of your daily beauty products from being spread across the bathroom counter (your roommate will really appreciate it).

    10. A hanging glasses organizer to house your fabulous collection of frames (you're going to want those large black shades when you're secretly snoozing during that 9 a.m. bio class).

    11. A rustic jewelry organizer because your bling deserves to be displayed in style.

    12. An adjustable shelving unit that can serve as your kitchen and TV stand all in one — because that's just how dorm life goes.

    13. A pack of invisible bookshelves for bookworms who need a clever way to store their Harry Potter collection.

    14. A 30 pair shoe rack because you can never have too many shoes — but you sure can run out of room for them.

    15. A five shelf hanging organizer that'll free up some space in your closet and keep your clothes as tidy as possible, that is, before they end up on the floor.

    16. An over-the-fridge storage organizer so you have somewhere to keep your forks, spoons, and hot sauce.

    17. A versatile over-the-door accessory holder that'll give you a place for your hats, scarves, bags, and jackets. You never know when you're going to snooze your alarm too many times and need to grab a baseball cap to cover your bed head as you run out the door.

    18. A foldable tufted square ottoman that doubles as an extra place to sit and an extra place to hide your stuff from your roommate.

    19. A set of "S-type" stainless steel hangers to help you fit your pants, scarves, towels, and more into a narrow dorm closet.

    20. A dual-sided hanging organizer for all of your small possessions, from hair accessories to tights to beauty products.

    21. A mesh wall-mounted mail sorter with key hooks and a mini cork board so you won't misplace your dorm key or your birthday card from grandma.

    22. A three-pack of foldable storage bags, because you're going to need somewhere to put those extra blankets and chunky sweaters.

    23. An organizer desk lamp that'll surely take your study space to the next level. You can conveniently fill it with pens, highlighters, paper clips, and more. Plus, it features a USB port so you can charge your phone while you work.

    24. A space-saving closet accessories organizer, because it will be so much easier to match your handbag to your outfit when you can see them all.

    25. A free-standing organizer with three fabric shelves and two bins to give you an extra place for the shoes and clothes that just won't fit in your closet (no matter how many times you try to wrestle them in).

    26. A set of three mirror hooks, because it will be so much faster to grab your bag off the hook and simultaneously check your lipstick while heading out the door to a party.

    27. A small chrome rack for your belts, necklaces, ties, or scarves so you can keep them untangled, visible, and wrinkle-free for optimal accessorizing.

    28. A countertop hair tool holder to keep all of those pesky cords from taking over your room or bathroom.

    You and your roommate celebrating how cute and organized your dorm is:

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