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    29 At-Home Photo Shoot Ideas To Keep Your Instagram Feed On Point

    Bored in the house and in the house bored? Have a photo shoot. 📷

    If you love posting fun outfits and gorgeous sceneries on social media then it's likely (and totally understandable) that quarantine may have you in a bit of a creative drought. I know I've definitely been wondering what kind of cool content I can possibly create from the comfort of my small New York City apartment.

    Luckily, there are SO MANY great examples and tutorials out there on Instagram and TikTok! Here's some creative and totally doable photo ideas for you to try at home:

    1. For one of my recent Instagram posts, I decided to share a peek inside my room while detailing my at-home spa day in the caption.

    2. For any fashionista with an impressive closet, use that as your backdrop! This also gives you a great reason to get dressed up if you're going for a more glam shot.

    3. Give the "outdoor mirror challenge," that's been sweeping across TikTok, a try. All you have to do is snap a mirror selfie in your yard and you have a beautiful blue sky as your backdrop.


    Took my mirror outside for a little quarantine photoshoot 🤩 #photoshoot #photochallenge #fyp

    ♬ did a full 180 but its chill lofi - llusionmusic

    4. Even if you live in an apartment that doesn't have the best lighting, you can utilize stairways and hallways for some moody style shots.

    5. Show off an attractive corner of your home, like these color-coordinated bookshelves.

    6. Use fake flowers as a prop and get creative with it — like sticking some in your pockets.

    7. You can also use fake flowers or any sort of cute wreath as a border for a portrait shot.

    8. Try a really extravagant makeup look that you probably wouldn't wear a "regular" day and show it off with a well-lit selfie.

    9. Let's not underestimate the magic of a good flatlay.

    10. Get dressed up to match your room decor for a fun monochromatic moment.

    11. Pin up a bunch of old newspapers for a super awesome backdrop.


    Grab you phones!📸How to turn your bedroom into a creative shooting space☺️ #sidehustle #staycreative #tutorial #photography101 #shotoniphone

    ♬ original sound - christiannblake

    12. Share a snap of your fave drink or snack! The ever-so-trendy whipped coffee is especially photogenic.

    13. Pose with your fur baby — nothing brings joy quite like seeing an adorable pup on your feed.

    14. Use a sheet for a simple backdrop and add some party supplies to liven it up.


    A way to take your own photos if you’re alone during quarantine 📷 #TikTokDIY // @seannyboy808

    ♬ original sound - buzzhouse

    15. Pose in the kitchen and use your cooking utensils as a prop. You can use the caption to share a recipe or some meal ideas.

    16. Use a knitted blanket to play with lights and shadows.

    17. Aluminum foil with some cool colored lights can create an ~edgy~ photo aesthetic. This one is giving me major Riverdale vibes.


    Easy at home photoshoot idea 📸 watch til the end for results #photographytricks #streetphotography #4u #foryoupage

    ♬ Roses - Imanbek Remix - SAINt JHN

    18. Pose by a window to take advantage of all that natural light. ☀️

    19. Fill your bathtub up with balloons...

    20. Or flower petals!

    21. Sit on the floor with some unexpected items you have around the house, like wall art and a vase.

    22. Take a partial #OOTD photo against a plain wall that focuses on a handbag or other accessories.

    23. Have your significant other join you for a living room photo op.

    24. Make a photo collage of *whatever you want* and use it for a backdrop. Attaching the photos to a poster board makes it a lot easier to take down and move around.

    25. Show off your WFH space.

    26. If you want to make your followers giggle, then try the pillow challenge! Yes, you literally dress up in a pillow.

    27. Use a picture frame to turn yourself into living art.

    28. Casually show off your insane shoe collection.

    29. And if you're a plant parent, then fill your photo with greenery. 🌱

    Let us know which ones you want to try in the comments!