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I Ranked All Of The "Umbrella Academy" Characters From Worst To Best And You Cannot Change My Mind (Or Timeline) About It

Neglect, cults, and the apocalypse, oh my! Yes, there are spoilers here.

19. Reginald Hargreeves

18. Harold Jenkins

17. The Handler

16. Pogo

15. Grace

14. Raymond Chestnut

13. Sissy

12. Cha Cha

11. Hazel

10. Herb and the Commission

9. The Swedes

8. Lila Pitts

7. Diego Hargreeves

6. Luther Hargreeves

5. Allison Hargreeves

4. Klaus Hargreeves

3. Vanya Hargreeves

2. Ben Hargreeves

1. Five Hargreeves

Did you agree with my character rankings? Tell me in the comments below how you would or (wouldn't!) have changed the order I placed them in. But, just know Klaus supports this list, and: