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    15 Times Winston From "New Girl" Was A Gift To The World

    "They call me Prank Sinatra!"

    1. When he said what we're all thinking when we go to parties:

    2. When he was super passionate about his hobbies:

    3. When he thought very deeply about the world:

    4. When he wasn't afraid to express his needs:

    5. When he showed the world he's got talent:

    6. When he dealt with his problems in a very mature manner:

    7. When he was all of us when we remember we're dieting:

    8. When he spoke the goddamn truth:

    9. When he let his hair down and enjoyed a night out:

    10. When he knew his strengths and flaunted them:

    11. When he was blunt with his friends:

    12. When he was the best groomsman/bridesmaid ever:

    13. When he came up with the best nickname of all time:

    14. When he was always around to help his friends:

    15. And, finally, when he was one half of the best friendship on the show:

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