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15 Times Hermione Granger Shut Down The Patriarchy

"Or worse, expelled!"

1. When she had no time for people saying the spell wrong.

2. When she had enough of foolish boys getting her into trouble.

3. When she made sure everyone knew she was not some meek girl who couldn't defend herself.

4. Any time she shut down Harry's ego.

5. When she proved she could be just as sneaky as the boys.

6. When she wasn't afraid to show off her intelligence, no matter how it made her look.

7. When Ron introduced himself with his mouth full and this was her reaction.

8. Whenever she saved the group from danger (which was all the time).

9. When she took charge of the situation at hand.

10. When she had no problem calling Harry out for doing something dangerous.

11. When she had no time for Ron's petty jealousy.

12. When she tried to get Ron to focus on more important things.

13. When she tried hard at everything she did, no matter how hard it was for her.

14. When she defended Harry with just a look and we all cowered in fear.

15. And finally, when she was the brightest witch of her time.

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