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    10 Times Cece And Schmidt From "New Girl" Redefined Relationship Goals

    "Girl, I'mma marry you."

    1. When Schmidt made his feelings clear from the very beginning.

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    2. When Cece understood Schmidt's feelings better than anyone else.

    3. When Schmidt asked Cece important questions.

    Fox / Via!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2015/05/06/952/n/1922283/33e9a7b83944ae08_tumblr_inline_mqvxwdbvvl1qz4rgp/i/Schmidt-Blows-Eventually-His-Dumb-Mouth-Does-He

    4. Whenever they would flirt.

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    Some of the flirting wasn't the best but we loved it anyways.

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    5. When Schmidt went out of his way to do nice things for Cece.

    6. When Cece was always there for Schmidt; even after he hurt her so much.

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    7. When they were finally honest about how they feel about each other.

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    8. When Schmidt fought for their relationship.

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    9. Whenever they had fun together.

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    10. And, finally, when they got married and we all wept tears of joy at the sight of true love.

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