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The Piece Of Gemstone Jewelry You Should Actually Be Wearing

Everyone has a birthstone but that doesn’t mean it’s the only gemstone for you. Here are some options for every style. Check out more at Kay Jewelers.

1. Born in August? Try tourmaline.

You definitely march to the beat of your own drum, which means your closet is filled with bold styles. This versatile ring should definitely become a staple of yours.

2. May baby? Totally a diamond girl.

You have a go-to style that is comfortable yet oh so fabulous. This diamond necklace will glam up any look.

3. Born in April? How 'bout a sapphire?

You value luxe fabrics and accessories, which makes you always look polished and chic. Dress up a cozy sweater with these earrings.

4. September baby? Emerald may be the gem for you.

You're a pro at mixing and matching, while making sure things go together flawlessly. This deep green emerald ring will pair beautifully with your go-to electric hues.

5. Born in June? Try a garnet on for size.

People always tell you that your style is timeless. Well, these beautiful garnet earrings would be perfect in any era.

6. Born in December? Try a rhodilite.

Your style definitely has some edge to it. You love pairing sneakers with a flouncy dress. Play up your sense of fun with this personalized bracelet.

7. November birthday? Peridot may be your answer.

You are definitely a trendsetter. You love accessories with elegant shapes and a bit of creativity. This unique leaf necklace adds some dimension and is sure to be the latest piece all your friends will want.

8. February babe? Topaz definitely suits you more.

You romantic side even pops up in your wardrobe. Wear this bracelet on a night out with your special someone.

9. July birthday? Aquamarine should be your gem.

You have an uncanny ability to turn comfortable into fabulous. This ring caters to your love of simplicity.

10. Born in January? How about citrine?

You fill your closet with tasteful accessories that never go out of style. These deep citrine earrings will add a colorful pop to any outfit without overpowering it.

11. March babe? Amethyst probably suits you better.

Your wardrobe is filled with gorgeous fabrics and bright colors. Wear this eye-catching amethyst pendant to keep turning heads.

12. October queen? Morganite may be the gem for you!

Your closet has a perfect balance of simple and statement pieces. This pendent offers a simple touch of elegance that will enhance any look.