Post-Its MonsterDrawings

John Kenn writes and directs kids' TV shows, has a set of twins and not a lot of spare time. But when does have an extra moment, he makes little windows into different worlds on office supplies. (Via)

Jed Oliver • 7 years ago

Minimalist Mental Disorder Posters

Patrick Smith decided to challenge his design skills by creating posters that defined mental disorders in a minimalist style. His hope is that they are one day used as part of a mental health awareness program. (Via)

Jed Oliver • 7 years ago

Minimalist Pokemon

Somehow graphic artist, Natalie Al-Tahhan classed up Pokemon. I love art projects like this. via The Uniblog

The Uniblogger • 7 years ago

9 Other Last Suppers

British artist James Reynolds recreates the last meal of nine prisoners before execution. So long as it's nearby and under $40, you can get just about anything for your last meal. (Via)

Jed Oliver • 7 years ago

Six Word Story Every Day

Be still my typography loving heart! Six Word Story Every Day (SWSED) is a daily project showcasing beautifully designed stories—all comprised of six words. It was inspired by the work Ernest Hemingway regarded as his greatest: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." There is some serious design talent contributing to this project, but they also invite people to submit their own work.

sly • 7 years ago